Solar system

These are the dwarf planets of the solar system

The dwarf planets are as varied and fascinating a group as the larger planets. Let's review its main members and the current candidates.

The Sun up close, like you've never seen it before

The US National Science Foundation has celebrated the opening of its Daniel K. Inouye Solar Telescope with some spectacular images of the Sun.

It takes more than 100,000 years for a photon to leave the core of the Sun.

Inside the sun, huge amounts of energy are produced, which go out to the surface. A photon can take 100,000 years to leave the Sun.

How are we able to study the interior of the Sun?

If the photosphere, the last layer of the Sun, is impenetrable, how do we know that its core has densities 20 times that of iron or temperatures of millions of degrees?

Planetary alignments that have changed history

Astrology uses planetary conjunctions to predict the future of people and countries. However, these do influence history in a very different way than we are led to believe.

Could the Sun collide with another star?

Hundreds of billions of stars populate our galaxy, so it is not unreasonable to think that one of them could collide with our Sun.

Where does the solar system end?

The boundaries of the solar system are not well defined. Rather they can be defined in various ways, from hundreds of astronomical units to hundreds of thousands.

From cinema to reality: this is how solar and stellar explosions can affect us

Flares, flares, explosions... the surface of a star is not a quiet place, much less something that the inhabitants of the planets that are close to it do not have to worry about.


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