space photos

The final phase of the James Webb Space Telescope begins

The instruments have already reached the ideal temperature for their operation, so there is less and less time left before it begins to show us the benefits of the first galaxies that formed after the Big Bang.

This is what poverty looks like from space

The International Institute for Applied Systems Analysis has used nighttime satellite images of the Earth to estimate global economic well-being. This is the result.

A space angel? No, the merger of two cosmic giants

This galactic crash took place in the VV689 system in the constellation of Leo. The delicate wings were formed when the two gravitationally bound objects collided and generated 'angel wings' in a Hubble Space Telescope image.

They discover a cosmic 'skeleton'

This is the most detailed map yet of a giant stringy bone in the Milky Way. It was thanks to SOFIA.

Hubble observes the spectacular galaxy IC 2431

The astronomers responsible for the NASA/ESA Hubble Space Telescope have published a very impressive image.

This is what the spiral galaxy NGC 7172 looks like through Hubble's eyes

Can you see the tendrils of dark dust running through the heart of this spiral galaxy?

Pluto has giant ice volcanoes.

They discover that Pluto's landscape does not exist anywhere else in the solar system. It's unique!

This is the best image of the Sun so far

The new image of our star's entire disk is 83 million pixels. It has been thanks to Solar Orbiter.


Apple increases the minimum wage for its workers to 435 pesos per hour

The increase in the minimum wage of its workers refers to 45% more than the 2018 levels.

Pampering children, something positive?: know its consequences and benefits

Pampering children or giving many whims: yes or no? What does consent really mean?

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This is Grupo Bimbo's firm commitment to sustainability

The company presents an ambitious strategy with three pillars to contribute to caring for the environment and generate a positive impact on society, in the short, medium and long term.

Call: Responsible Companies 2022

Expansión and the Schulich School of Business look for companies with the best ESG practices.