Space travel

Strange find on the moon: Rover solves riddle about "mysterious house"

The Chinese moon rover "Yutu-2" discovers a mysterious structure on the horizon. Now the rover has moved closer and disenchants the mystery.

Huge mirror extended by space telescope

The new “James Webb” telescope is supposed to provide important images for research from space. An important maneuver has now evidently been successful.

Moon formation: rocks from Apollo 17 reveal new clues to puzzles

How did the moon come about? The moonstone troctolite 76535 is now providing researchers with new insights.

Mars: Radiation is deadly for humans – but Nasa rover gives hope

Radiation on Mars is deadly to humans. Now, however, there are new details that give hope - thanks to the Nasa rover "Curiosity".

Russia is sending space tourists to the ISS – with big plans

For the first time since 2009, Russian space travel is sending space tourists to the International Space Station. One of them is an "old friend".

Russia is again flying space tourists to the ISS

Many dream of a flight into space. For most of them it will remain a dream because it is simply too expensive. Now a Japanese wants to stay on the ISS for twelve days. He's a billionaire.

Mars: Rover Zhurong discovers "mud volcano" – evidence of water?

The Chinese Mars rover Zhurong provides data from the red planet. Are the new findings an indication of historical water sources?

Nasa rover cracks "one of the greatest mysteries" on Mars – before it even drives off

The NASA rover "Perseverance" explores Mars and solves a crucial puzzle shortly after its arrival. He didn't even set off for that.


Hong Kong: Hamsters should be killed – for fear of corona transmission

In Hong Kong, the authorities are ordering around 2,000 hamsters to be killed. Previously, there were corona infections in hamsters in a pet shop.

RTL presenter robbed on vacation, then she falls for scammers – "13,000 euros were gone"

During her vacation in South Africa, Lola Weippert experiences a few mishaps. First she is stolen from, then she sits on a scammer.

Must Read

Sarah Engels wants a ban on the film set: Julian "would have become jealous"

Sarah Engels was in front of the camera in a leading role for the first time in 2021. There was also a ban on the film set for the shooting of the film "The Dancer and the Gangster - Love on Detours".

Attack on the "National Treasure" BBC

The British government wants to abolish broadcasting fees. This leads to outrage, and the political background is also obvious.