Gian Marco launches his new album "Mandarina"

It contains ten songs that have been produced with Sebastian Krys with whom Gian Marco forms a luxury duo creating numbers one such as Te Mentiría, L


Monkeypox in Germany: RKI confirms infection in girls (4)

After two young people were infected with monkeypox last week, the first case in a child has now become known.

“This is manipulation”: Parents often give false praise to their children

“Super”, “Great”, “Great”: many parents value praising their children often. But this can be detrimental to the child's development.

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Viñales was unable to use the starting device at Silverstone

Maverick Viñales has returned to the podium at the British GP. The Aprilia rider crossed the finish line in second position.

Lufthansa collective bargaining negotiations: the airline must now also prepare for a possible pilot strike

Collective bargaining between Verdi and Lufthansa will enter the third round on Wednesday. But a pilot strike could soon be imminent. The news ticker.