technological advances

A brain implant can eliminate depression

Scientists have managed, through a personalized implant, to alleviate the severe depression of a woman who did not respond to any other treatment.

Tomorrow is imprinted with oranges

They create a lamp with a 3D printer that uses a biopolymer created from the skin of oranges as a work material.

The Regenerative Medicine Revolution

The use of stem cells allows the repair of tissues in the body. The challenge now is to create organs such as the heart and liver and to be able to repair the brain.

The FDA approves the use of the brain chip in humans

The Stentrode chip would allow paralyzed people to use digital devices and move their limbs with their thoughts.

Next-generation senses

Technologies such as retinal chips, optogenetics, artificial noses, and middle ear implants can help us treat sensory problems.

The first human in space

Yuri Gagarin was the first man to travel to outer space, a milestone in the space race. On board Vostok 1 it completed an orbit of the Earth.

Perseverance: NASA's New Mars Super Mission, Told in Detail

You will characterize its geology and climate, prepare for future human exploration, and collect rock samples for a future return mission.

Lego presents its pieces made with recycled plastic

Bricks made from plastic from used bottles are in the testing phase. Improving and coloring them will take at least a year.


RKI registered 6573 new infections – the incidence was 110.1

While the seven-day incidence was 74.4 a week ago, it has now reached 110. The health authorities reported 6573 new infections to the Robert Koch Institute.

BGH negotiates millions in compensation for Kohl widow

For years there has been a dispute over a book about Helmut Kohl by his ex-memoir writer. The Federal Court of Justice now wants to clarify crucial questions about compensation and prohibited passages.

Must Read

ZDF crime thriller: "Friesland: Until the Blood" – Nordic by Nature

Unfortunately, the new episode of the recently quite remarkable Schmunzel crime series on ZDF is only moderately cheerful and completely unexciting.

Why is Dunkin Coffee called Dunkin Donuts in the rest of the world except in Spain?

Since 2007, Dunkin Donuts stores were renamed Dunkin Coffee, but why did this name change occur?