To run

The history of running – from the hunter to the jogger

Most people today exercise to stay fit. It was not always like that. Running once served to survive. How hunting became a popular sport.


Infant seriously injured after crash at campsite

In Kahl am Main, right on the border with Hesse, a rescue helicopter flies an infant to the hospital after an accident.

Fewer new corona infections – 184 deaths

The RKI once again reports fewer new corona infections and a reduced seven-day incidence. But the data situation remains opaque - this is mainly due to the reporting behavior of the countries.

Must Read

Pelagia noctiluca, the Mediterranean summer jellyfish

These are the traits that make the carnation jellyfish or purple jellyfish an ideal species to form massive outcrops that cause jellyfish plagues.

Sanborns says goodbye to Saks Fifth Avenue and will close its store in Santa Fe

Carlos Slim's group decided not to renew the contract with the luxury brand and will close its only store in Mexico.