United Colombia

"We want to contribute to closing the digital divide"

INTERVIEW WITH CHRIS BANNISTER, CEO of WOM. He spoke about the revitalization of the market after the arrival of the firm in Colombia, a place where they hope ...


Inflation and return to offices hit 'healthy foods'

The high prices of goods and services and the return to normality erase the advances in healthier eating changes that were generated during the pandemic.

Explosion in the garden: DSDS star Daniele Negroni's girlfriend burned in front of his eyes

DSDS star Daniele Negroni surprised with engagement news. A week earlier, friend Davina caught fire. She is in a wheelchair with burns.

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Further closures due to fire in Grunewald

The fire in Grunewald continues to block the highway and rail traffic. In addition, extreme ground temperatures make the operation even more dangerous. The closures are to be re-decided.

Espargaró: "I did a lot for Maverick and now he returns it to me"

Aleix Espargaró highlighted at Silverstone the 'humility' with which Maverick Viñales is working, and he is convinced that if he can, he will help him.