Why exactly is the universe expanding?

The universe is expanding and it seems to be doing so faster and faster. Galaxies, supernovae and other objects have allowed us to discover why.

There is a mirror universe invisible to our eyes, says a new study

Have we solved the Hubble constant problem? An invisible 'mirror world' of particles that interacts with the universe solely through gravity could hold the key to solving this crucial cosmological problem, according to a new study.

How do astronomers calculate how old the universe is?

The calculation of the age of the universe is done by estimating the value of one of the most important values in cosmology, the Hubble constant.

Will a theory of everything ever be discovered?

We are at the beginning of the search for a theory of everything that explains, without recourse to more fundamental principles, the workings of the universe.

This is how a black hole sounds

NASA has translated astronomical data from the black hole located at the center of the Perseus galaxy cluster into sound. What do echoes from a black hole sound like?

It will take about 400,000 years to contact an extraterrestrial civilization

We may have to wait quite a while to greet the aliens. Scientists have concluded two possible scenarios in this case: one optimistic and one pessimistic. We tell you here.

A space angel? No, the merger of two cosmic giants

This galactic crash took place in the VV689 system in the constellation of Leo. The delicate wings were formed when the two gravitationally bound objects collided and generated 'angel wings' in a Hubble Space Telescope image.

They find all the building blocks of life in meteorites from outer space

Scientists have found the 'building blocks of life' in three meteorites that fell to Earth in 1950, 1969 and 2000. They all contained compounds that have been previously detected but also cytosine and thymine, the building blocks of life. This discovery adds to the evidence suggesting that the precursors of life came from space.


Enel marks the route to a new era of energy in Mexico

Mexico has a great wealth of renewable sources and, with the commitment to create the conditions for a sustainable future, Enel is the energy manager of the leading companies in various industries.

"And a recharge, please": Mexicans lower the amount to recharge their cell phones to 89 pesos due to inflation

The Ciu consultancy expects that this amount will even drop to 87 pesos in the following months "due to inflationary pressure."

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