The Police evict an individual who perched on top of a tree of light in Callao

An unusual scene has surprised the pedestrians who on Thursday night were walking through the central Madrid square of Callao when they saw how an individual climbed to the top of one of the Christmas decorations that adorn the public thoroughfare. he climbed a kind of luminous tree ... Continue reading "The Police evicted an individual who perched on top of a tree of light in Callao"


19-year-old with a concrete slab sunk in Weser: court cannot prove murder

In Lower Saxony, a young woman is forced into prostitution and then killed. Three people are convicted - there is no clear homicide.

ZDF crime thriller: "Friesland: Until the Blood" – Nordic by Nature

Unfortunately, the new episode of the recently quite remarkable Schmunzel crime series on ZDF is only moderately cheerful and completely unexciting.

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Volcano on La Palma: Spectacular satellite images give no hope of an end to the lava flows

The volcano Cumbre Vieja has been spitting lava and soot on La Palma for almost a month. There is no end in sight to the eruptions.

Why are there only blinds in Spain?

Our Arab roots seem to be the reason why we have blinds in Spain. So let's see why we have this tradition.