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A councilor from Podemos marries a couple disguised as a priest and with a Barça scarf

A councilor from Podemos in El Puerto de Santa María, in Cádiz, has married a couple in this way in a ceremony as picturesque as the images that have come down to us show. In these you can see Javier Botella, the councilor, disguised as a priest and wearing a Barcelona Football Club scarf ... Continue reading "A councilor from Podemos marries a couple dressed as a priest and wearing a Barça scarf"

Carlos Herrera and his uncontrollable fit of laughter when comparing Errejón with … Britney Spears

The radio host Carlos Herrera cannot help laughing live when commenting on the contest with which Iñigo Errejón inaugurated his website.


Alec Baldwin shoots camerawoman – Now the husband of Hutchins says: "There are no words"

A camerawoman dies while filming the western "Rust". According to police, a prop gun was fired by movie star Alec Baldwin. The husband expresses himself.

Change from summer to winter time – when is the clock turned?

The clocks in Germany are changed every year. But when and how exactly does the change to winter time take place? An overview.

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White Christmas in Germany? Two weather experts dare to make a first forecast

Can we look forward to a white Christmas in 2021? Two weather experts provide answers and explain the two factors on which snowfall depends.

Why do we sleep with our eyes closed?

If you have ever wondered why we sleep with our eyes closed, today we are going to give you the explanation so that you can solve that question.