Biden seeks tighter gun control amid rising violent crime

The president of the United States presents an initiative to reduce the circulation of firearms in the country in light of a 30% growth in homicides during 2020.

Federal judge knocks down California assault weapons ban

California will no longer have assault weapons banned after three decades of prohibition after a judge struck down the rule


#TheImperdibles. Has the worst of inflation in Mexico passed?

Projections indicate that the peak has not yet been reached, but monetary authorities are working to prevent prices from rising higher and longer; this and other contents we offer you in Expansión

Does Mexico run out of 'silver bullets' in the face of the inflationary wave?

The ravages of the pandemic, the conflict between Russia and Ukraine, and climate change have caused a rise in prices that is making a dent in the pockets of consumers.

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Biden tests negative for Covid-19 after virus rebound

The first president of the United States was infected with coronavirus on July 21 but on July 30 he tested positive again.

Corporate debt of BMV companies falls in the first half of 2022

Mexican companies included in the Janus Henderson Corporate Debt Index reduced their debt due to higher financing costs.