A humpback whale gobbles up a diver and spits him out alive

A diver from the hospital tells how a whale swallowed him and then spat him out alive. The full story here!


In Photos l Nancy Pelosi arrives in Taiwan, in open defiance of China

US House Speaker Nancy Pelosi has arrived in Taiwan, ignoring warnings from China, which has threatened "targeted" retaliatory strikes.

Nancy Pelosi arrives in Taiwan despite threats from China

China warned the US that "those who play with fire will perish for it" and sent four fighter jets. Nancy Pelosi assures that the visit demonstrates an unwavering commitment to Taiwan.

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Star Trek fans mourn the loss of Lieutenant Uhura – TV legend died at the age of 89

As "Lieutenant Uhura" she wrote film history: Grace Dell "Nichelle" Nichols died in New Mexico at the age of 89.

The film releases of the week

A policeman named Franz Eberhofer makes people laugh again. Brad Pitt races through Japan as a hitman on a bullet train, and a Bedouin and an orthodox Jew are lost in the desert.