World Health Organization

WHO advises gay and bisexual men to reduce sexual partners due to monkeypox

The body addressed its advice to homosexual men because they have been the group most affected by this disease.

Monkeypox: This is how it spreads

Monkeypox spreads in different ways. Here we explain what they are and how to identify the symptoms.

Monkeypox outbreak is a global health emergency: WHO

So far this year there have been more than 16,000 cases of monkeypox in more than 75 countries, and five deaths in Africa.

The Delta variant of COVID-19: is it as dangerous as it sounds?

The variant, first identified in India, has been shown to be much more contagious than other coronavirus lineages, but whether it is more deadly has not been proven.

What do we know about the first human case of H10N3 bird flu?

The Chinese authorities reported the detection of a person infected with this strain of bird flu, although they assure that the risk of a large-scale spread is "very low."

PAHO: COVID-19 cases decrease in Mexico, the United States and Canada

In the rest of America, infections and hospitalizations due to the coronavirus continue to increase, especially in Colombia, Brazil and Haiti.

Do they sound like Greek? COVID-19 variants receive new names

The change will serve to make it easier for the general public to differentiate between the different SARS CoV-2 lineages and also to avoid "stigmatizing and discriminating" names.

WHO will propose how to continue with the investigation of the origin of COVID-19

The main expert in emergencies of this organization said that the efforts to determine the way in which the pandemic emerged are "poisoned by politics."


Avianca traces its route to Mexico: more air cargo, but with skepticism in the AIFA

The Colombian airline seeks to become the new giant in the Latin American region, but in Mexico it shows concern about air safety and remains cautious about the AIFA.

"So far it's been haunting me": Danni Büchner traumatized to this day because of his ex-boyfriend

In her podcast "Living la Vida locker" Danni Büchner puts on a "soul striptease", as she says herself. When she talks about her ex-boyfriend, the "Goodbye Germany" emigrant tears. She is still traumatized today.

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Forest fires in Saxony continue to rage

There is still no real relaxation in sight of the forest fires in Saxon Switzerland, Brandenburg and the Czech Republic. The hoped-for longer lasting rain failed to materialize everywhere by Sunday afternoon.