NewsTasteless T-shirt mocks fatal attempts to escape in Afghanistan

Tasteless T-shirt mocks fatal attempts to escape in Afghanistan

People in Afghanistan try to flee the Taliban – two of them are killed in the process. A clothing store pokes fun at the incident.

Kabul – The situation in Afghanistan has been precarious since the Taliban came to power. Numerous new pictures from the capital Kabul appear every day, showing the desperation of the local people. For example, from Afghan people who fell from a US military aircraft taking off after they had clung to it to flee from the Islamist rulers. While the images cause dismay among most people, an American clothing store pokes fun at the dramatic scenes.

On their online shop they offer a t-shirt in different colors on which the military aircraft and the silhouettes of two falling people are depicted. Above it is written: “Kabul skydiving club” – “Kabul’s skydiving club”. The fact that two people died in the incident, including a 17-year-old Afghan, does not seem to be reason enough for the company to forego macabre jokes.

Tasteless t-shirt about incident in Afghanistan: company expresses sympathy for victims

As the New York Post reports, the clothing store also issued a statement expressing its sympathy for the victims of the disaster in Afghanistan. “We are heartbroken over the tragic death of the two people who fell off the plane. We are shocked by the situation of the people in Afghanistan. ”In view of the tasteless T-shirt, however, these statements can hardly be taken seriously.

According to the New York Post, the description of the shirt says: “This shirt is perfect for those who love skydiving!” Twitter users: Inside, the designers of the t-shirt condemn: “While people in Afghanistan are trying to escape and desperately cling to airplanes, other people say they have to capitalize on their misery, “railed Holly Dagres, Iranian-American analyst and commentator for the Middle East.

Tasteless t-shirt about incident in Afghanistan: ad on Reddit will be deleted

Another Twitter user describes the shirt as “absolutely disgusting”. After the online shop advertised the tasteless t-shirt on the Reddit platform, several users reported the contribution. The ad was then removed from Reddit. (Teresa Toth)

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