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“Tatort” in the first: “Murot and the principle of hope” – you are playing a game with him

That is all too obvious in the crime scene “Murot and the principle of hope”.

Just recently, Klaus Borowski had to deal with him for the third and last time, and Kai is already back as Paul. Perhaps no German actor can play the psychopath as well as Lars Eidinger, he certainly also enjoys layering a small theater appearance in the Tatort appearance (this time as an “eccentric solo entertainer”, according to the press material, emphasis on eccentric). But with this line-up you can clearly see where the rabbit is going this evening. And this even if two sisters, Inga and Laura, Karoline Eichhorn and Friederike Ott, are placed by Eidinger’s Paul Muthesius in the crime scene “Murot and the principle of hope”. One is a psychotherapist, the other does good. In the Tatort universe, people with such inclinations can usually not be trusted to the next street corner.

But first of all, “Murot and the Hope Principle” – book: Martin Rauhaus, director: Rainer Kaufmann – works on the principle of a steep start, a quick start, followed by a flashback. A journalist holds a microphone in front of Murot, Ulrich Tukur, and shouts “We have four dead, four!” Murot shouts into the TV camera and at the address of the perpetrator or perpetrators: “Kill me!”

The first of the victims who were shot in the neck is a Turkish greengrocer, the second an Asian businessman, the motive could be xenophobia. The word NSU is used. But a political Murot crime scene? Unlikely. Murot recognized the third victim immediately, even though he lived as a homeless person (helpful hint: Ernst Bloch’s “The Principle of Hope” lies next to the corpse): It is the once brilliant philosophy professor Johann Muthesius, who was revered by the student Felix Murot. But as for his skills as a father …

And he had, be careful, to bequeath remaining assets from a “Muthesius private bank” and a villa in Kronberg. But was it necessarily the most obviously disturbed one of his children, Paul, who shot him under the bridge?

How practical that psychotherapist Inga has wooden figures standing around for family constellations. Soon it will be a question of who has to stand next to whom, behind whom or between whom, which figure falls (but, although dead, is still present) – and was not Murot, Muthesius’ favorite and model student, also part of the family years ago ? He’s already walking across the board. “Someone is playing a game with me,” says the investigator; and, see above, put everything on the “Kill me!” card. Meanwhile, “the beautiful Frau Waechter” (Paul, mocking) will have to knock him out again.

It is quite to be expected that and how this is about the screwed up children of the rich and clever (there is another guy in the villa next door) – including banal conclusions drawn from Inga’s “systemic constellation” à la “He (Muthesius)” not behind his children. “

Meanwhile, the reviewer, who has so far stood firmly behind the often so beautifully over-the-top Murot crime scenes, finds it a bit dull: Because if cliché and eccentric, then right.

“Tatort: Murot and the principle of hope” , ARD, Sun., 8:15 pm.

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