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Technological evolution must be promoted from the highest level of the company: KIO

For companies to be able to transform and evolve digitally, owners, CEOs, and top managers should get involved in technological issues, said Octavio Camarena, director of KIO IT Services.

“We think that many of the gaps that exist in the country are cultural because, to start a digital evolution, it is thought that it must be managed by the director of systems and there is nothing further from reality”, he explained during his participation at Inter.Mx Expansion Summit 2022.

Camarena added that, in many cases, the main directors of the companies feel uncomfortable because they do not consider themselves “digitally literate” that is why they delegate this strategy to the systems area, but it is a mistake. However, an alternative could be to integrate specialists into the managerial sphere.

“At KIO we are helping companies enter this technological evolution (…) Our ‘SWAT’ team proposes a series of projects always hand in hand with the company, taking into consideration where they want to see themselves in the future,” he said during the panel

For the also member of the Investment Committee of the Angel Ventures Mexico Fund, technology is the core of organizations. For example, a university is a technological business with an educational vocation, a hospital is a technological business with a health vocation, and this is applied in different sectors.

As part of this digital evolution, Artificial Intelligence (AI) is one of KIO’s big bets. For five years they have focused on offering solutions based on it, so that organizations can transform themselves, predict future incidents and make decisions based on massive data analysis.

In this regard, Camarena said that, through AI, they developed Prophecy, a tool that detects anomalies in servers, databases, applications and hardware . In this way, it is able to anticipate a problem in order to take the necessary measures.

“We believe in the concept of hyperautomation, the mix between automation per se with Artificial Intelligence is pure dynamite for business. It is transformative and we continue to see how it is applied to organizations, what happens when they use data and begin to find patterns that provide information to make decisions”, stressed the director of KIO IT Services.

the hotbed of talent

As panelists at the Inter.Mx Expansión Summit 2022, Octavio Camarena also spoke about the opportunities to train talent in the field of technology, where there is a human resource deficit. For this reason, he said, they work closely with job boards and with educational institutions, for their study plans.

“KIO has become a hotbed of talent (…) We seek a healthy rotation within the organization and that these talents continually grow,” he emphasized.

And he concluded that on the subject of talent retention, not everything is technical, since employees must feel comfortable with the purpose established by companies, to maintain a sense of belonging.

Relive the participation of Octavio Camarena, director of KIO IT Services, in the panel entitled:

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