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Technology, time and resistance: the new exhibition at Galería Santa Fe

Predictive engineering for today’s moon landings, from ugly children of the meadow, Days of the future past, from Contemporary Port, and Open Mount: Aspect Ratio, by La Vulcanizadora, are the artistic projects of the new Santa Fe Gallery exhibition.

A monument to disaster that questions the veneration of technology. A series of experimental videos that reflect on time from a Hollywood superhero movie. A manifestation of audiovisual fragments that ask about the resistance in the country, are the themes of the new exhibition of the Santa Fe Red Gallery Grant, which will take place from May 22 to June 27.

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Predictive engineering for the moon landings of today, of ugly children of the meadow, Days of the future past, of Contemporary Port, and Open Mount: Aspect Ratio, of La Vulcanizadora, are the winners of the scholarship, a stimulus designed to promote the programming of artistic spaces and the circulation of emerging production. The three projects, although they start from different points, share the same exploration: the gap that has been created with the others in modern life, accentuated by the pandemic.

The word ‘moon landing’ has two meanings. The best known refers to the moment in which a spacecraft descends and lands on the Moon. The second is a criminal technique that consists of crashing a vehicle and breaking store windows in order to steal them. This contradiction is the starting point of Predictive Engineering for today’s moon landings , a mobile aesthetic device that suddenly bursts into traffic jams, fairs, parks, markets and housing complexes in Bogotá. The sculpture – towed by a bicycle and made with fragments of objects produced in mass and used in homes today – reconstructs a scene of comfort and tragedy: a shopping trip that ends in a car wreck against an office cubicle.

For its part, Experimental Video Show: Days of the Future Past, an artistic proposal based on an X-Men movie, brings together six artists under the question: What if we could transfer our accumulated consciousness of life — all memories, experiences, experiences, learnings and mistakes— to the memory of our own body in a previous time? The result is an experimental video sample that plays with time.

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Finally, Open Mount: Aspect Ratio is conceived under the idea that “The ‘revolution’ has always been latent —it has been there— and breaks into familiar, everyday stories, into hidden events. It’s a question that we keep asking ourselves, ”says María Rojas, a member of La Vulcanizadora. With this in mind, an experimental moving image creation laboratory was carried out that brought together young artists from the country and whose starting point was the exploration of the attempted revolution in Lebanon (Tolima), in 1929. Thus, Open Mount: Aspect Ratio arrives at the Santa Fe Gallery with scenes, pieces and objects that show a panorama crossed by memories.

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