NewsTen month old baby dies after Rottweiler attack

Ten month old baby dies after Rottweiler attack

In North Carolina, a baby is attacked by two Rottweilers. When the father returns, any help comes too late.

Scott Winberry just wants to go out into the garden for a moment to change the position of the sprinkler. Outside, he meets a neighbor and starts chatting with him. But suddenly he hears noises from inside – something doesn’t seem right. The father hurries back into the house to check that everything is going well. But it comes too late, as reported by *.

While the family man was in the garden, he had left his ten-month-old daughter Malia in the house. She was alone with the family’s two Rottweilers when they suddenly attacked the baby. Scott Winberry called 911 immediately. When he arrived, attempts to resuscitate were started, but little Malia could no longer be helped. The baby was pronounced dead on the spot.

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Commissioner Danny Johnson of the Johnston County Sheriff’s Office said Malia was more fatally injured in the attack by the two Rottweilers. The dogs were taken into custody. There had been no problems with the two dogs in the past. Videos on the net show little Malia cuddling with the two four-legged friends. It is still unclear what might have triggered the attack. It could have been a sudden movement or an unexpected sound.

Particularly tragic: Malia’s mother is a paramedic and was part of the team that arrived at the scene of the accident to provide first aid.

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