NewsTens of thousands follow the Kiel windjammer parade

Tens of thousands follow the Kiel windjammer parade

The windjammer parade is the highlight of the Kiel Week even in Corona times. Tens of thousands of people watched the ships along the fjord on Saturday.

[Kiel -] With the traditional windjammer parade, the Kiel Week experienced its maritime climax on Saturday. Around 30,000 people followed the lively action on the water along the fjord, as city spokeswoman Kerstin Graupner said on Saturday.

As in the previous year, it was by far the largest event of the regatta week. However, the joy was clouded by a heavy downpour, as Graupner reported.

Led by the 65-meter-long “Alexander von Humboldt II”, 120 traditional ships such as the “Swaensborgh”, the “Thor Heyerdahl”, “Mare Frisium”, “Albert Johannes” and the “Abel Tasman” lined up on the Kiel Fjord. Large windjammers like the “Kruzenshtern”, which was often a guest at Kiel Week, did not take part this year. As in the previous year, private boats of all kinds were allowed to take part in the parade in addition to traditional sailors.

Because of the corona pandemic, Kiel’s festival week was even smaller this year than last year. Under normal conditions, the 2019 Summer Festival attracted more than 3.5 million visitors from over 70 countries. [dpa]

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