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Tesla Day, this is what Elon Musk could show at his AI event

Today is Tesla Artificial Intelligence Day, also known as Tesla Day , where Elon Musk could show off a working prototype of his humanoid robot called Optimus.

Where and when to see the Tesla Day?

This event will be held from the Tesla headquarters in Palo Alto, California and although there is still no specific time for it to start, it is expected to start around 7:00 p.m. (Central Mexico time).

The company also did not mention the details of which platform the event can be seen on, but last year they broadcast it on their website and although it is not known what they will show, some international media that received an invitation pointed out the probability that the “latest developments” will be shown. in artificial intelligence, including autonomous driving and Tesla Bot”, among other things

The characteristics of Optimus, the Tesla Bot

According to what the company said at Tesla Day last year, this robot will measure 1.76 meters and weigh 56 kilograms. In addition, it will have the ability to perform efficient movements, carry weights of up to 20 kilos and move at a maximum speed of 8 km/h.

Although it can be considered that it will be a light device in relation to its weight, the businessman stressed that despite using light materials in its manufacture, this will not significantly impact its resistance or durability.

Although its purpose will be to perform tasks that the human does not want to do, Musk pointed out that “in the future, (delegating) physical work will be a choice.”

Tesla Bot, therefore, will have its own “brain”, which will have a function similar to that of the Autopilot of electric cars and will integrate its own Full Self-Driving computer and cameras to be able to move autonomously, which will be inside of his head.

Last month, Xiaomi got ahead of Tesla and showed its own humanoid robot, the CyberOne, which has several sensors capable of detecting emotions, feeling them and even expressing them through the OLED screen located on its face. According to your mood it will play a series of colors and animations, but it is also a prototype.

Tesla Day, an opportunity for engineers, according to Musk

In a tweet to promote the event, Elon Musk noted that it also represents a recruiting tool for engineering and Artificial Intelligence experts to expand his company’s robotics division.

It should be remembered that a few months ago, Musk himself pointed out that the development of the Tesla Bot was “the most important product we are doing this year”, in addition to the fact that it could have a potential “more significant than the electric vehicle business”.

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