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The 10 actions that will seek energy autonomy and strengthen Pemex

The CEO of Petróleos Mexicanos (Pemex), Octavio Romero Oropeza, presented 10 actions that seek to strengthen the productive company of the State and the country in energy matters.

The federal official stated that the requirement of the National Refining System (SNR) to serve the domestic market will be covered and oil will stop exporting as of 2023, based on the recovery of the fuel market.

Below we present the decalogue that Octavio Oropeza presented yesterday together with the Secretary of Energy, Rocío Nahle,

Hydrocarbon reserves

Maintain 7.1 billion barrels of crude oil equivalent to the level of proven hydrocarbon reserves.

Oil production 2021-2022 (crude quality)

Octavio Oropeza explained that by next year 2022, “one and a half million barrels will already be processed in our refineries, especially since the Deer Park refinery is going to enter and we will export only 435 thousand barrels next year.”

Refining Crude Process Scenario SNR 2021-2024

To achieve self-sufficiency in the production of fuels for the domestic market, for this purpose it will seek to achieve a production of more than 2 million barrels per day in 2024.

And 300 million dollars will be invested from 2022 to rehabilitate the production of fertilizers and go from 24% to 49% of contribution to national demand.

Cangrejera Project

The head of the Ministry of Energy (Sener), Rocío Nahle, explained that the Cangrejera project consists of continuing to maintain the petrochemical complex so that it continues to supply hydrogen to the refineries for their operation.

“All refineries need hydrogen to obtain further conversion or processing, and Cangrejera supplies a significant amount of hydrogen and this will serve us well,” he said at a press conference at the National Palace.


The Agro Nitrogenados and Lázaro Cárdenas plants in Michoacán, both acquired at a premium in past administrations, the general director of Pemex assured that an agreement was reached with the owner of Agro Nitrogenados to return money and thus be able to continue rehabilitating the plant of fertilizers located in Coatzacoalcos, Veracruz.

“As for Fertinal, technical diagnoses are being carried out to rehabilitate its infrastructure. Today we are producing 65 thousand tons of phosphoric fertilizers per month ”, explained the engineer.

Gas Processing Centers

It is based mainly on the maintenance and rehabilitation of the plants dedicated to this energy.

“Starting next year and until the 24th, we will increase the production of wet gas at Pemex. To process this gas at the Nuevo Pemex and Cactus complexes, we are going to carry out various actions, ”said Oropeza.

In this sense, he referred to Campo Lakach, a project for the extraction of gas in the deep waters of Veracruz, which would be resumed with the support of the Private Initiative.

“Pemex could recover almost 1.2 billion dollars, reducing the loss to only 253 million dollars,” he explained.

Fuel market recovery

Due to the fact that with the energy reform, Pemex lagged behind in the number of service stations, the commercial process will be integrated into a single area.

On November 29, the creation of a subsidiary company was approved that will strengthen Pemex’s marketing activities and make decision-making more agile.

Wellness Gas

Maintain prices through programs such as Gas Bienestar and stimuli to the IEPS in fuels so as not to affect the economy of families.

Critical risks

Specific budgetary resources were assigned in the amount of 12 thousand 789 million pesos for the attention of 659 critical risks that are those that can cause serious or catastrophic consequences within the company, which can even affect personnel, the population or the environment environment.

Basification of workers (retirements and pensions)

Finally, he made reference to the personnel that are part of the State productive company, which will seek to increase the labor stability of Pemex workers, granting bases for 17.00 employees as a principle in the year 2022.

Pemex tries to put out a fire at the Salina Cruz refinery

The incident began on Friday and could be partially controlled by emergency teams, but was reactivated by the winds this morning.

The president of Repsol is under investigation for a case of espionage

This is the second time that Antonio Brufau, president of the oil company Repsol, has been accused of a case of alleged espionage related to Repsol and Caixabank.

Inflation is double that of last year due to energy and livestock

In the first half of June, the price increase was 6.02% per year, when in the same period of 2020 it was 3.17%, Inegi figures detail.