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The 2014 tweets that made history

The microblogging platform Twitter has just published the report “2014. The year on Twitter ”, where we can check which topics have been the most popular among Internet users throughout 2014 and, therefore, those that generated the most retweets .


With more than 500 million tweets a day, the range of topics collected goes from celebration to protest, from mourning to joy and, all of them, have contributed something special to our lives. Without a doubt, above all, we highlight the most retweeted photo in history ( more than 3 million ), the so-called “Golden Tweet” , the selfie in which the TV presenter Ellen DeGeneres appears with several Hollywood stars at the Gala of the Oscars last March.


Another of the great events that has moved a real tide of tweets throughout this year has been the Soccer World Cup that Brazil hosted this past summer. Teams, media, fans, players … all of them generated more than 672 million tweets during the approximately month and a half that the event lasted.


With more than 18 million tweets in total, the #Ferguson protests in August, on the occasion of the grand jury’s decision to exonerate the American police officer who killed an unarmed young black man, is indisputably another story of the year.

In politics , in Spain and the rest of the world, the abdication of Juan Carlos I. The reactions inside and outside our country followed one another immediately.


As a curiosity, it is remarkable the fact that one of the most reluctant to be part of Twitter, Robert Downey Jr. , finally decided to embark on the adventure of this microblogging network. Thus, his first tweet was received with great surprise by everyone and he already has more than 3 million followers or followers .


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