shortyThe brief, if good, has a prize. That is the philosophy of Shorty Awards, nicknamed the “Oscars of the Internet”, who reward good practices in communication through the microblogging network Twitter. The 2011 edition already has winners.

In the category ofpoliticsthe first place has been for the candidate for the presidency ofBrazil Marina Silva(@silva_marina). The award inInnovationIt has fallen to another Brazilian, Rene Silva Santos (@Rene_Silva_RJ), a young 17-year-old journalism student who has created a community digital newspaper dedicated to a favela neighborhood in Rio de Janeiro. And injournalismthe first place has been for the Twitter accountWest Wing Report(@WestWingReport), by journalist Paul Brandus, from the US White House.

The Jonas Brothers (@JonasBrothers) have received the award in the category ofsong. In entertainment, the award went to the fictional characterBarney Stinson, played by Neil Patrick Harris (winner in the actor category) in thesTV series “How I Met Your Mother”. And the actress awarded in 2011 has been Stana Katic (@Stana_Katic).

The first place inTumblr Microblog of the Year-the platform that allows publishing texts, images, videos, links and audio- has been forThe Daily What (@The DailyWhat). La Foursquare locationwinner has been SXSW (South by South West), the popular independent film and music festival in Texas since 1987. Although in this category important enclaves such as the International Space Station, the North Pole and Tiananmen Square also concurred as finalists.

TheApp winner has beenCOLOURlovers(@COLOURlovers), which allows us to create our own color palettes and patterns, name them and share them on social networks. Regarding the Design category, theBrazilian online operating system Codeorama(@codeorama) has won the victory. The Shorty Award for Cultural Institutions has been shared by theTyneside Cinema(@tynesidecinema) British and pioneerScience Gallery (@ScienceGallery) from Dublin. And the special award “Real-Time Photo of the Year” has gone to“Moon from Space”(, which publishes images of the Moon from space.


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