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The AICM will have a budget of 1,057 million pesos in 2023 to repair structural flaws and improve waiting rooms

The International Airport of Mexico City (AICM) will have an investment of 1,057,022,559 pesos for major maintenance works, with the aim of addressing the structural problems presented in Terminals 1 and 2, in addition to works for roads and replacement of elevators, escalators, drainage and expansion of waiting rooms.

According to the 2023 Federal Expenditure Budget Project, the works in both terminals will be for the restructuring and reinforcement of the foundation and superstructure, and will directly benefit an approximate flow of 275,055 daily users, which was the index that was had in 2019, prior to the drop in passenger traffic caused by the COVID-19 pandemic.

Previously, President Andrés Manuel López Obrador warned that, due to the collapse of Terminal 2 and structural failures originating from the work, resources would be injected to counteract its problems. The works will be carried out by the Government of Mexico City.

In addition, 532,604,172 pesos will be allocated to the expansion of the waiting rooms from positions 1 to 9 of Terminal 1, for which the south-west end of the terminal will be built and modified, including boarding rooms, disembarkation corridors and boarding, as well as complementary services.

“A specialized design will be carried out to help mitigate long-term maintenance costs, earthquake-resistant behavior to guarantee operability and safety at all times for users. Hydraulic, sanitary, electromechanical, communications installations will be adapted”, the project refers.

Other works in the capital airport include a budget of 110,698,351 pesos for the replacement of drains between positions 1 to 22 of Terminal 1; a bag of 68,426,565 pesos for the replacement of 26 elevators in Terminal 1, and 46,169,907 pesos for the restructuring, reinforcement or replacement of infrastructure elements in the area of access ramps and vehicular exit of Terminal 2.

This last work will involve the construction of a new road section for the incorporation of vehicles to Av. Hangares and access to Terminal 2.

For the relocation of the dining room of Terminal 2 there is a bag of resources of 19,339,473 pesos, for which a building covering 1,025 square meters of land is projected and for the use of the maneuvering yard and external circulations 410 square meters of land.

The airport will also have 4,821,314 to improve the quality of the audio and video technical support service in the multipurpose rooms of both terminals, as well as the AICM’s portable audio equipment.

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