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The AIFA will have WiFi… but only workers can use it

The Federal Institute of Telecommunications (IFT) granted a concession title to the Felipe Ángeles International Airport (AIFA) to use and take advantage of frequency bands of the radioelectric spectrum, as well as a single concession title, both for public use.

The use of radio spectrum frequencies for public use will be valid for 15 years from the date of notification. While the concession title will be valid for thirty years.

According to the telecommunications regulatory body, the AIFA indicated that the telecommunications project consists of the use of frequencies of the radioelectric spectrum, within the frequency segments of 806-814/851-859 MHz, to provide the mobile service of specialized fleet radio communication. These bands are part of the spectrum that AT&T began returning in 2016.

The IFT specified that the 806-824/851-869 MHz bands are exclusively for the trunked radio service for critical mission applications to guarantee the proper operation of infrastructure in strategic sectors.

Within the terms of the concession of the bands, the regulatory body specified that the AIFA “will not pay a consideration for the granting of a concession of frequency bands of the radio spectrum for public use, in accordance with the normative portions transcribed”.

On December 22, 2021, the AIFA presented to the Institute the “Form IFT-Type A. Radioelectric Spectrum Concession for Public Use”, through which it requested the granting of a radioelectric spectrum concession and a single concession, both for public use.

The purpose of the bands is to implement a trunked radio communication system for communications inherent to security and emergency within the airport facilities.

In addition, with the provision of said telecommunications service, it is intended to contribute to airport security, surveillance, rescue and firefighting at the airport.

For the above, the AIFA will deploy a telecommunications network composed of radio communication stations and equipment, for the transmission and reception of 16 signals, as well as various mobile and portable devices that will operate in the aforementioned frequency segments.

The Federal Telecommunications Institute explained that AIFA has the economic capacity to develop its telecommunications plan. “The Secretary of National Defense informed the Head of the AIFA Committee of the budget assigned to this majority state-owned company for fiscal year 2021, for the amount of 203,200 thousand pesos. Derived from the above, that Airport proved to have the economic capacity”, details the IFT.

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