FunCulturalThe arts rule the street

The arts rule the street

Throughout this national strike, different artistic expressions have emerged. El Espectador consulted academics, writers and artists, who shed light on the reasons why art occupies some spaces in the midst of social demonstrations.

The intensity of the vacuum

The author of the play "White noise" opened the door to this newspaper to take a look at the dynamics of rehearsals for a play.

Jankélévitch and forgiveness: a gratuitous act that is necessary for Colombia

The concept of forgiveness from Vladimir Jankélévitch helps us understand its importance in reconstructing history in Colombia.

"The palm grove" from La Maldita Vanidad

The company's new creation takes the viewer through the same event, but from different points of view and characters.

André Gide: Living, writing and dying against hand

When André Gide died, he had just written a telegram to François Mauriac to tell him that he could reassure himself: hell did not exist.

"The Chicago Seven Trial", or when citizens are condemned for their ideas

The discussion about non-violence moved the fibers of some citizens, such as 'The Chicago Seven', who tried to explore new ways of relating.