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The bachelor is back – sweaty kisses and prosecco in abundance

Always on Wednesdays at prime time: RTL presents the new season of the bachelor. This time with Dominik from Frankfurt and police officers with fake breasts.

Frankfurt – A pair of steel blue eyes withstands the camera. The silhouette of a woman lolls in a golden rose. A man’s face mysteriously emerges from the penumbra. Choreographed, woman’s hands grasp longingly at the mysterious man in a tuxedo, who slowly turns towards the spotlight.

Contrary to what the intro would have us believe, no, we’re not delving into an unannounced surprise release of the very last James Bond film starring Daniel Craig. The man that RTL presents to us on Wednesday evening at prime time is Dominik Stuckmann from Neu-Isenburg near Frankfurt. And Dominik Stuckmann not only has a family WhatsApp group with his mother and grandmother, but is the Bachelor 2022.

Vorne v.l.: Dominik, Jenny, Valeria, Christina Aurora, Bella, Emily, Christina N., Vivian, Franziska, Christina R., Josephine, Bobette, Nele, Yasmin, Elina Hinten v.l.: Susanna, Claudia, Natalie, Irina


Front from left: Dominik, Jenny, Valeria, Christina Aurora, Bella, Emily, Christina N., Vivian, Franziska, Christina R., Josephine, Bobette, Nele, Yasmin, Elina Back from left: Susanna, Claudia, Natalie, Irina.

The bachelor on RTL: Dominik relaxes the mood with alcohol

The job as a bachelor in the first episode of the new season of the dating format, which runs annually in January, initially appears to be manageable: while James Bond has to jump off bridges and escape the obligatory hail of bullets before he serves women in evening dresses suggestive sayings and a shaken martini is allowed, Bachelor Dominik stands around in front of a villa for most of the season start on RTL on a muggy, warm Mexican summer night and distributes sweating kisses to the 22 ladies who want to fight for the heart of the sunny boy in the coming weeks in a media-effective manner.

The makers of the bachelor’s degree learned from the Bond films that alcohol lightens the mood. Prosecco flows in large quantities. Although the spark between the bachelor and one or the other candidate may not jump over. Dominik becomes all the more likeable for us viewers when he personally accompanies some women into the house at irregular intervals and puts them down with a few words at a bottle of champagne, only to unabashedly enjoy the appetizer buffet before he then visibly overwhelms the next lady must receive.



Dominik. The bachelor from Frankfurt. With roses.

The bachelor on RTL: 22 women compete for a Frankfurt bachelor

The well-known group formations and the traditional intrigue among the 22 candidates are unfortunately not as expected but no less disappointingly short in the first episode. We get to know the women who will compete for the heart of the bachelor. And candidate Jenny – spoiler alert: for whom the Frankfurt bachelor Dominik will unfortunately not have a rose left at the end of the evening – asks those three questions that the fans of the cultivated German trash TV will be able to argue about in the next eight weeks know, “Does he look good? Is he nice? What color are his eyes?”

Well, even if the third question was already answered in the first sentence of this article, it is still worth staying tuned: In the first interview scene, candidate Christina R. emphasizes that she attaches particular importance to appearance, but no surgical interventions behind himself: “I had my lips done and Botox in my forehead.” And Vice-Miss Wiesbaden and Vice-Miss Marburg Franziska lets us participate to the subtle sounds of “I’m ready for your sex” that they are for want to go to the Federal Police “to experience action, do sports and represent Germany with the great uniform.” – Editing – “I had my breasts done.” That’s how the creators of RTL not only manage it with the bachelor’s degree to lure the audience currently in corona quarantine in front of their television sets at home. The dating show also reveals undreamt-of qualities, both as an advertising show and as a deterrent example for the police service and cosmetic surgery.

Hinten V.l.: Anna, Lara, Bobette, Claudia, Bella, Christina A., Yasmin, Franzi, Vivian, Christina N., Nele, Emily Vorne V.l.: Irina, Susanna, Elina, Josi, Christina R., Valeria, Giannina, Jenny, Jana, Natalie


Back Vl: Anna, Lara, Bobette, Claudia, Bella, Christina A., Yasmin, Franzi, Vivian, Christina N., Nele, Emily Front Vl: Irina, Susanna, Elina, Josi, Christina R., Valeria, Giannina, Jenny , Jana, Natalie

The rooster in the basket remains true to the mantra of the RTL bachelor show

After a good hour of ritualized greetings from the candidates on the red carpet, we can experience the bachelor in the midst of the 22 women. In this situation, no one really comes any closer. But the rooster in the basket remains true to the mantra of the show: a lot helps a lot – and so it continues undiminished with tequila shots and Prosecco. Something that can now be heartily recommended to the audience at this point. In this way, the image of women conveyed by RTL and the clumsy superficiality displayed by all the actors involved can perhaps even be suppressed until the week after next. Has there been significant progress in recent years in the image of families and women, political correctness, gender language – why is Dominik looking almost obsessively for a partner (sic!), but then he invites 22 women to Mexico? – If you don’t see the rose ceremony because of the alcohol in front of the TV, you really haven’t missed anything.

Bachelors 2022

Every Wednesday at 8:15 p.m., RTL

Finally, let’s take a look at the media support offered by the bachelor’s degree. One thing is certain: The bachelor’s degree is as important for survival as a new album by the Frankfurt rapper Haftbefehl is for the feature editors of the Süddeutsche Zeitung and Zeit for the number of articles on the news pages of RTL – this year even supplemented by a podcast analyzing the TV episodes . But as little as the texts of the RTL news are to be recommended, the first issue of the twelfth season of the bachelor is actually so unpleasantly entertaining. Whether this diffuse pleasure is a result of pandemic quarantine and corona measures, or is actually due to the qualities of the alcoholic entertainment show, the viewers can answer for themselves until next week. (Moritz Post)

Heading image: © RTL

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