EconomyFinancialThe challenges for the business ecosystem after Covid-19

The challenges for the business ecosystem after Covid-19

Companies in Mexico are different after the pandemic, which came to accelerate digitization and give companies a boost, while there is a new group of young entrepreneurs who are promoting a generational change in business models.

“We were very comfortable in a very structured place of doing business, but the pandemic taught us this flexibility and there was a time when there was no other way but to do it differently,” said Melanie Devlyn during her speech at the panel The Future of Mexico’s Business , which took place on the third day of the Inter.Mx Expansión Summit 2022.

In this post-covid stage, entrepreneurs have had to change their way of doing business and are beginning to develop a new way of dealing with more informed, demanding customers who want greater interactivity, where technology has become a tool that defines this evolution.

Alejandro Ramírez, general director of Cinépolis, explains that with this new interaction, they have managed to streamline some of the operations, such as eliminating lines at the box office, movements that are carried out through their digital channels. Now, 40% of transactions are already carried out through its mobile application.

Given this situation, both businessmen agree that the business ecosystem in the country will be resilient in the future, thanks to the strength and new communication schemes that were generated with the work teams.

However, one of the pillars that will remain in the old way of doing business is the organizational culture, which some companies have generated for decades and value long-term relationships.

Among the challenges that entrepreneurs face is staying in the taste of consumers of different generations.

“The challenge in general is to stay relevant in a rapidly changing context. The risk is not realizing that we fall into irrelevance and that in a few years we can disappear. Technology has enormous advantages and allows for efficiencies, but it is a challenge, because it can make us irrelevant overnight,” Ramírez concluded.

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