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The creators of Twitter launch two new social networks

creadores-twitter Evan Williams and Biz Stone, co-founders of the microblogging platform Twitter, believe that there is still much to invent in the field of social networks. That is why they have launched Branch and Medium, two new platforms that expand some of the functions of Twitter . In both cases, an invitation is required to join.

Branch, which was released on August 13, seeks to promote monologues and dialogues on the network through articles, posts and tweets. In this social network, you choose the topic you are talking about and it allows you to include content from other websites in the conversation. “Do not leave your ideas in your head or among the papers on your desk: publish them and receive feedback from people they trust,” they argue on Branch’s own website, where it is also invited to go “beyond 140 characters” , creating great conversations from Twitter but with “less noise”.

For its part, Medium is the commitment to the image , which some compare to a hybrid between Tumblr and Pinterest, and which promotes the creation of “collections” of content in a collaborative way around a certain topic.

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