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The European Union warns: the Indian strain has "high risk" in those not completely vaccinated, 61% of Spaniards | Coronavirus

The EU has not stopped insisting on the seriousness of the Indian (delta) variant of Covid. While Pedro Sánchez devalues its impact in Spain, the European coronavirus control office (ECDC) has warned in a report on June 23 that the severity of this variant – technically known as Delta – is of “high risk” in people unvaccinated or partially vaccinated. Spain currently has a total of 18.4 million people with complete guidelines , which means that 38.9% of the population is effectively protected against this variant. The rest, 61.1%, no.

The ECDC report notes that “there is a moderate probability of infection for fully vaccinated individuals in the vulnerable population, while it is considered low in the general population.” The study continues and notes that “this difference takes into account that a large part of the total vaccinated subpopulation in the vulnerable population is greater and it is assumed that in this group the efficacy of the vaccine is reduced compared to the general population.”

“Higher risk of hospitalization”

The EU office document explains that “evidence increasingly confirms the higher transmissibility , higher risk of hospitalization / higher severity and lower effectiveness of the vaccine for symptomatic disease after partial vaccination ”.

In fact, “the assessment of the risk of infection by the delta variant in the EU has increased”. The study notes that “since the most recent ECDC risk assessment, published on June 10 and given the expected future dominance of the delta variant, the risk has increased for countries in all epidemiological situations.”

For this reason, the ECDC demands “the continued application of the measures [already required repeatedly] and a greater accelerated implementation of the vaccination and administration of the second dose of vaccine to people at risk of severe COVID-19.” Because, otherwise, the “increase in infections, hospitalizations and deaths” cannot be ruled out.

The EU report complements all this with a table which highlights that the risk in partial vaccination or not vaccinated or with a dose is “very high” for the vulnerable population, but also between “high and very high” for the “general population. ”.

60% of its population without a complete guideline

Spain currently maintains more than 60% of its population without the complete vaccination schedule. According to official data, 38.9% of the population is effectively protected against this variant. The rest do not. And that means that 61.1% are outside the protection sought. The truth is that the rate of escalation of the presence of the Indian variant in Spain is beginning to be a problem: the percentage point per day grows at higher rates.

The data offered by the laboratories this past Thursday through the international GISAID database shows that 24.8% of all coronavirus cases in Spain correspond to the Indian variant. Meanwhile, the studies of the Ministry of Health recognize only 2.7%. The most striking thing is that the source of the Government of Pedro Sánchez , in theory, is the same virus sequencing laboratories that publish their data in GISAID.

Advance severity

Not only the laboratories warn of the seriousness of the advance of the Indian variant of Covid-19. The EU’s own coronavirus control agency has just published in one of its latest reports the notice that the Indian variant will account for 90% of contagion cases before the end of August. “The probability that the SARS-CoV-2 delta VOC will quickly become dominant in the EU is considered very high,” notes the report Implications for the EU / EEA on the spread of the SARS-CoV-2 Delta (B. 1.617.2) variant of concern of the EU agency in charge of Covid control (ECDC).

And the study adds that its penetration will make this strain responsible for “70% of new infections by SARS-CoV-2 in early August.” All an alert that, however, has not led the Government of Pedro Sánchez to take seriously, once again, the seriousness of the variant. In Spain, Sánchez prefers to say goodbye to masks and give way to the “Spain of smiles.”

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