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The founder of Jumex, Eugenio López Rodea, dies at the age of 87

Eugenio López Rodea , founder of Grupo Jumex , died at the age of 87 , in Mexico City, as confirmed by company sources, who did not reveal the reason for his death. The businessman was the son of Vicente López Resines, who in turn founded La Costeña, but in 1961 López Rodea decided to start his own company and founded Fruit and Juice Empacadora (Frugo).

Three months after its foundation, the small packer, which started with 20 employees, obtained its first production: a 150-milliliter can containing peaches. The can, with a label and stamped Frugo brand, was put up for sale to the public.

In 1964, the company began a process to register the “Jumex” brand with the slogan of “the blue can” and changed the previous packaging for a can of that color in a 350-milliliter presentation, starting a multinational company.

In 1982, Jumex began exporting its canned version of nectar to the United States. Two years later, in 1984, Grupo Jumex launched a new presentation in a glass container with a capacity of 1 liter. In 1985 the Aseptic Plant was built and Chupi Frut of 250 milliliters was created, a product for children that competed in the market with the well-known Frutsi. In 1989, another children's drink was born called Pau-Pau, which can still be found on the market.

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The founder of Jumex, Eugenio López Rodea, dies at the age of 87

The businessman founded Frugo in 1961, the predecessor of Grupo Jumex, a business that he inherited to his only son, Eugenio López Alonso.