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The Google Cloud cloud region will generate 226 million pesos to the national GDP in 2030

In 2020, the cloud storage market in Mexico was expected to generate almost US$2.14 billion in revenue. Two-thirds of the amount was credited to the public cloud format, 23% to private cloud and the remaining 10% to hybrid cloud services, according to Statista. However, research from Google Cloud claims that this value will be much higher.

According to Alpha Beta Economics, it indicates that by 2030, the cloud region of the company that the technology company will have in Mexico will have contributed 226.3 billion pesos (about 11.2 billion dollars) to the national GDP , as well as the creation of 117,400 jobs. for that same year.

The company’s cloud region was announced in July this year and joins the list of other technology companies, such as Microsoft Azure and Oracle, who are also betting on creating infrastructure in the country.

In data, during 2016 the total value of this sector in the country, according to Statista, generated 748 million dollars, while in 2021 a spill of 2,745 million dollars was estimated, so the estimate of the Mountain View company is indicating an almost 80% greater increase.

Why invest in Mexico?

Thomas Kurian, CEO of Google Cloud, pointed out to this medium that the country has very good potential due to the digitalization that small and medium-sized companies, as well as government agencies, are seeking to have.

“Through the Cloud we simplify the way you have access to technology, in terms of infrastructure, by this I mean storage, data analytics, cybersecurity tools, machine learning with AI, as well as Google Workspace, which is helping governments like the one in Puebla to collaborate,” Kurian said in an interview.

Among the examples Kurian gave are several companies such as Banorte, which migrated its existing systems to the cloud to have greater security and thus comply with the Zero Trust scheme to have better scalability. On the other hand, Liverpool uses Artificial Intelligence systems to create experiences in its operation with customers.

“Herdez uses our AI and machine learning tools to do market research, plan and manage their revenues and thus save costs in operations, while Mercado Libre uses our systems to collect all the data from our systems,” said the CEO of Google Cloud .

The trend that Kurian points out is in accordance with the plans that several companies had to run during the Covid-19 pandemic, in order to provide care.

“We have worked for the last three years to grow our team and coverage in Mexico. We have people covering practically 80% of the national territory, we invest in having people. Not only in terms of sales, but also in terms of knowledge to use our technology”, Eduardo López, president of Google Cloud for Latin America, told Expansión.

And part of the investment focus is focused mainly on developments in Artificial Intelligence, improving infrastructure and security.

For example, some of the new features announced at Next’22 are a “Translation Hub” that seeks to help organizations localize content in more than 135 different languages and translate them; “Confidential Space” that seeks to store data more securely when it is being shared; o “Smart Canvas”, which will bring new experiences and tools for collaborative work.

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