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Accenture has five steps to take to have a successful cloud strategy

Companies can be more flexible and agile by taking advantage of the innovation opportunities of the cloud, as long as they make a strategic migration.

Enterprise Cloud Adoption Facing the Pandemic: Accenture

Global professional technology solutions and services company Accenture outlined how using the cloud has become an imperative for businesses.

Unlimited space on Google Photos will no longer be free

As of June 1, the new storage policies will come into effect within the platform.

Resilience and cloud adoption, the keys to having more competitive companies

Resilience is a concept that has been adopted, at the business level, so that organizations adapt to new realities and only those that achieve it will be able to face current challenges.


Aston Martin promises to have its new F1 factory ready in 2023

Aston Martin boss Mike Krack has revealed that the new factory will be ready in 2023, but the wind tunnel and simulator will have to wait.

In what average position do the F1 2022 drivers finish the races?

F1 has made a classification with the average positions in which the drivers finish the races and compare it with their place in the 2022 world championship.

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Miller: "I've fought against everyone at Silverstone"

Jack Miller adds another podium by finishing in third place at the MotoGP British GP.

Wolff insists against porpoising and talks about brain damage

Wolff says an FIA medical report on the risk of brain damage to drivers from excessive porpoising justifies the rule change.