EconomyThe importance of unifying customer data

The importance of unifying customer data

Currently, there is a trend related to the use of large-scale data to improve communication processes with consumers . This approach provides numerous benefits for organizations, including helping them make informed decisions about their marketing efforts. By understanding which initiatives are most effective, organizations can allocate their resources more efficiently and realize a higher return on investment.

There are many challenges organizations face when trying to implement a data-driven marketing strategy. One of the biggest is acquiring the necessary information. Once the data is in place, companies need to be able to analyze it and then use it to improve their marketing campaigns.

Having a strategic ally that helps organizations define the best path to achieve their goals becomes a potential accelerator.

It is a reality that consulting companies increasingly seek to focus on marketing data to drive the transformation of their clients. Due to various reasons, including:

  • Data is increasingly important in today’s business environment; companies are looking for ways to use them to obtain information about their customers and their business operations.
  • Consultants increasingly recognize the value of data-driven decision making.

Strategic allies and digital marketing

Grupo VASS —a leading company in digital solutions— announced the acquisition of Hexagon Data, a Mexican company that implements digital marketing automation processes, which develops various alternatives and products to accelerate sales processes in strategic sectors such as media, retail, goods consumer and telecommunications. Like its subsidiaries such as M360, a digital agency focused on data management and use to work on marketing strategies.

founded in 2017 with headquarters in Mexico and Colombia, it has a presence in 10 Latin American countries. In addition, its client portfolio includes global leaders such as Coca-Cola, Grupo Bimbo, Avianca and Kimberly-Clark.

Now, the technology solutions company is under the umbrella of Nateevo, a company specializing in end-to-end digital marketing strategy and solutions.

“The synergy between both companies will allow us to offer a comprehensive service covering the entire life cycle of customers,” said Ángel Hernández, COO of Hexagon Data. For his part, Eduardo Olaiz, CEO of M360, pointed out that the integration with is total and that the vision of helping its clients achieve an impact in their digital transformation is a shared objective.

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