NewsThe incidence in Germany continues to fall: But before...

The incidence in Germany continues to fall: But before Pentecost there is now a risk of chaos

Eight out of 16 federal states in Germany have slipped below the incidence mark of 100. This means a lot of confusion for the Corona rules.

Munich – Rhineland-Palatinate and Bremen are now joining Schleswig-Holstein, Lower Saxony, Hamburg, Berlin, Brandenburg and Mecklenburg-Western Pomerania according to current figures (as of May 9, 9.45 a.m.) from the Robert Koch Institute *.

Corona: Eight out of 16 federal states below the important incidence mark – 183 districts hope for easing

In eight of the 16 German federal states, the 7-day incidence * is now below 100. A total of 183 rural districts out of 412 have slipped below the important mark. This will make it possible to relax the Corona * rules in many places. The federal emergency brake can be suspended in the districts with a low number of cases.

For the residents, on the one hand, this is good news, but on the other hand, it also starts the big mess. Which rules now apply where? * If you only drive a few kilometers, the applicable corona measures can sometimes be completely different. There are enough examples. The district of Goslar (incidence 41.8) lies between Northeim (111.1), Wolfenbüttel (107.8), Salzgitter (156.3) and Harz (132.7) as well as Göttingen (67.5) and Hildesheim (65 , 6). So only two adjacent counties are also below the incidence of 100.

Corona rules: Germany is a patchwork quilt – big differences before Pentecost

Strict corona rules here. Relaxed regulations there. Germany is a patchwork quilt. This is also evident at a larger level. There is no uniform strategy in the federal states.

This becomes particularly clear when looking at gastronomy and tourism. Before the Whitsun holidays, operators and holidaymakers can look forward to developments. And have to be careful. You can get your own overview using our interactive map.

Vacation in Germany: Lake Constance is probably only possible in Bavaria – the sea in Schleswig-Holstein

At Lake Constance you can go on holiday from May 21st if the incidence remains stable. But only on the Bavarian side. Baden-Württemberg does not yet agree on this. The state government is currently discussing the introduction of model regions and an associated opening concept.

It is similar at the other end of the republic. In Schleswig-Holstein, tourists are allowed to go to the sea again from May 17th. In Mecklenburg-Western Pomerania even the campsites remain closed – especially the hotels. According to the current status, Lower Saxony does not allow any holidaymakers at all. Only locals are allowed on the coast.

Incidence jumble in Germany: NRW is canceling model projects – Rhineland-Palatinate is taking the first steps towards opening it up

The fact that the number of cases can be far apart despite the short distance of kilometers is also evident in the west. North Rhine-Westphalia has already terminated model projects due to the high incidence. At the same time, holidays in holiday apartments and on the campsite are now possible in neighboring Rhineland-Palatinate.

FDP leader Christian Lindner * called for a nationwide strategy in Bild am Sonntag. He wants to orientate himself on the course in Schleswig-Holstein. “Schleswig-Holstein’s opening strategy is a model for the whole of Germany,” says Lindner, “with hygiene concepts, retailers, restaurants, hotels, cultural and sports facilities outside the hotspots should now be able to open the doors for customers and guests.”

Far-reaching easing in Germany? Lindner calls for strategy – Spahn and Merkel talk about vacation

In passing, Lindner notes what is currently making the situation in Germany so complicated. The number of corona cases differ significantly locally. With an incidence of 180, the federal state of Thuringia can hardly copy from Schleswig-Holstein (50). Rule confusion and differences can hardly be avoided if one does not want to forbid the locations with low incidences to open.

Health Minister Jens Spahn has now announced “everyday life as it was before”. And Angela Merkel * also ponders vacation. But Pentecost will probably just come too early for widespread relaxation. The Chancellor and Minister are more focused on the summer. Then, predicts Merkel, holidays in the whole of the EU * will probably be possible. * also reports on the current rules in Schleswig-Holstein, Hamburg and Lower Saxony. * and are offered by IPPEN.MEDIA.

List of rubric lists: © Michael Reichel / dpa

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