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The most viewed videos on YouTube in 2011

youtube-2010 The YouTube platform has registered more than a billion views of its videos throughout 2011 . “That’s 140 visits per person in the world, 31,000 views every second, or twice as many stars in the Milky Way,” said YouTube trend director Kevin Allocca. As if that were not enough, every minute users upload 48 hours of new content to the channel.

Globally, when it comes to news events, images of the tsunami waves that followed the devastating earthquake in Japan last March take the lead, followed by the filming of a deer attack on a cyclist. The “how to do it” most viewed during the year was a video with 25 ways to put on a scarf or scarf explained in 4.5 minutes.

In Spain, in the list of the most viewed videos appear the catchiest songs of recent months (“Ai Se Eu Te Pego” or “Dancing around there”) and some original user videos (“Singing the order in McAuto” or “The Ogra – I erase you from the Feisbuh”).

As for the most common searches among YouTube users, they highlighted the earthquake in Haiti , the accident at the Winter Games in Canada, the Apple iPad tablet and the Halo Reach video game. Another of the most viewed videos was the double rainbow filmed in Yosemite Park, in the United States.

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