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The needs of a connected and intelligent world

The digitalization of companies advanced by leaps and bounds during the period of confinement generated by the COVID-19 pandemic. Connectivity was vital for many people to be able to work remotely, for business continuity, and to keep supply chains running.

The integration of innovations that, in fact, have existed for several years, such as applications and e-commerce platforms, became popular. Solutions dedicated to predictive analysis, cognitive automation and Artificial Intelligence are also being used.

Digitization to understand people

More than a massive technological adoption, during the last two years there has been a revolution in the dynamics of people’s relationships, including their interaction with brands and their purchasing habits. Given this, it is clear that technologies, per se, are not the trigger for digitization, but people and, therefore, it is necessary to place individuals (customers and collaborators) at the center of strategies.

In this sense, companies must be clear that it is not enough to invest in technology, it is also required that the transformation has an impact on the organizational culture, placing people at the center. In this way, a greater sensitivity is developed to perceive the needs of collaborators, customers and suppliers, which will allow the design of new solutions that respond to those specific requirements.

In fact, achieving permeate the transformation in the organization will not only help to respond quickly to customer needs, as they arise, it will also be possible to anticipate new requirements and demands.

key technology

As demonstrated in the period of the pandemic, the consumption habits and needs of consumers can change suddenly from one moment to another, but the technologies are available to respond to the challenges.

According to the World Economic Forum, between now and 2025, 463 exabytes of data will be produced daily, which means that Data Centers become the key to storing, processing and making data available to end users.

In the last two decades, Networks has integrated the largest business interconnection ecosystem in Mexico, which includes the most important network, content and digital media providers, as well as organizations from all sectors and Cloud or Internet service providers. Information technology.

Becoming the perfect ally to boost companies on their way to digitization. Today it has more than 2,000 clients, integrating a digital habitat so structured that it allows the definition of entire industries.

KIO Networks’ interconnection ecosystem enables users to quickly link to other Data Centers, Public Clouds and Internet Exchange Points (IXPs), as well as on-demand Cloud connectivity and colocation services, along with network connectivity. associated network and scalable options to accompany users as they grow.

Thanks to its 40 Data Centers, KIO Networks has strategic locations throughout Mexico supported by redundant power supplies, multi-layered security, climate-controlled environments and solid SLAs.

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