NewsThe pound shoots up with the absolute majority of...

The pound shoots up with the absolute majority of Boris Johnson

The pound sterling has held the absolute majority that the exit polls gave to Boris Johnson, starring in a spectacular rise during the election night this Thursday. As soon as the electoral projections are known, the pound has given a pull of more than 2, 60%, reaching its highest point against the dollar in the last twelve months. In recent hours, the British currency had lost a few points on the possibility that the latest polls would come true, which pointed to a comeback by Labor, and exit polls ruined that possibility. The absolute majority of the Conservative Party has skyrocketed the markets and made the pound soar. After hours, the pound sterling stabilized at a rise of 2.25% against the dollar, while in the comparison with the euro, the growth was 1.8%, remaining at a change of € 1.20 per The exchanges will start operating from 8 a.m. British time, 9 a.m. Spanish peninsular time. In principle, no major movements are expected, while it is true that there has been no reversal with the defeat of the Conservatives.The final results, which trickled down as the morning progressed, confirmed that overwhelming absolute majority for the Conservative Party .