EconomyThe Treasury says it is working to restore Compranet

The Treasury says it is working to restore Compranet

The Ministry of Finance works permanently to improve the capabilities of the Compranet system, as well as the integrity of the information, so that the system returns to operations as soon as possible, the agency reported this Friday in a statement.

However, the entity in charge of Rogelio Ramírez de la O did not elaborate on these improvements or give a tentative date for the system – which has been out of service since July 19 – to return to operation.

“CompraNet is a valuable tool for transparency and surveillance of public purchases, which is why we are working not only for its restoration, but also for its strengthening and modernization, so that Mexico has a platform that meets the needs of the public,” said the Treasury. .

He added that the contracting procedures continue to be carried out in person: “Once the operation of CompraNet is resumed, the institutions must upload all the information of the processes that are carried out into the system, to guarantee accountability” .

The Ministry of Public Function monitors that the contracting procedures are carried out in compliance with the regulations and comply with the transparency obligations established by law.

Compranet is administered and operated by the Public Procurement Policy Unit of the Ministry of Public Administration.

This dependency publishes on this site information and content for companies in order to show how to use CompraNet to sell to the government, so on this site you will find the processes to participate electronically in the procedures of contracting published by agencies and entities of the federal government.

Through a statement, MCCI recently said that the suspension of the platform “implies a serious risk to our right to access information and accountability” and that, during 2022, on average, the government signs 429 contracts daily, which represent an expense of 2.7 million pesos every minute.

“Every second that this platform of the Ministry of Finance is out of service implies a serious attack against transparency. For this reason, it is worrying and unacceptable that under the justification that ‘no one is obliged to do the impossible,’ the authorities tell us that the The operation of the platform is suspended indefinitely,” reads the organization’s position.

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