EconomyThe vision of the future of leasing in Mexico

The vision of the future of leasing in Mexico

LeasePlan Mexico (LPMX) celebrates 14 years in the leasing market and, since its arrival, has demonstrated its leadership in the industry. Since 2008, it offers smart and profitable solutions for fleet management, commercial leasing and more. In recent years LeasePlan Mexico has been characterized by focusing on its customers, employees and strategic partners.

“Empathy goes beyond just ‘putting yourself in our customers’ shoes’; In my opinion, it is about really understanding what they do and, in this way, putting something on the table that contributes to their operation and makes it more efficient. It is about getting to know them and that is achieved by spending time with them, getting up to date, learning about their needs and requirements, listening actively to help us find areas of opportunity where LeasePlan can support them”, commented Karla Flores, commercial director.

It has been essential for the company to fully focus on attending, in detail, to the needs of its clients.

“Establishing long-term customer relationships is paramount to the success of any business; at LPMX we establish a close bond through personalized attention throughout the customer journey , we focus on what they need and what is important to them, generating truly differential value propositions”, pointed out, in turn, Edgardo Torres, Commercial Director at LPMX.

These aspects are important for all areas of the business. This was reiterated by Donají Barrios, Operations Director: “Keeping our users happy means that we meet their expectations, that we listen to them and understand their needs. This way they know that they can trust LPMX, because we create their satisfaction in an experience, but it also represents that it is a daily job, that it will be our best letter of introduction, since they will recommend us to other clients and will be a loyal client for us”.

The first level team

One of the keys to the success of the company in these 14 years is the team of collaborators that make it up. In the words of Verónica Pantoja, People & Performance Director, at LeasePlan they are convinced that the most important thing is their human capital. That is why they have a people-centered approach and have developed initiatives that build a great organizational culture.

“Currently, we have the recertification of the Mexican Standard NMX R 025 SCFI 2015 in Labor Equality and Non-Discrimination; We were recognized as one of the best companies to work for by Top Companies and one of the best companies to work for the LGBTQ+ community by the Human Rights Foundation. In addition, we are part of the Alliance for the labor inclusion of people with disabilities Éntrale”, explained Pantoja.

The road has not been easy, the board continued. The company has put great effort into building inclusive processes, in which the only thing that matters is the talent of the people. Their development and training plans are aligned with the search for operational excellence, which is why they also have a robust Lean Six Sigma program to permeate continuous improvement in their team of collaborators.

A strong value chain

Another of the company’s achievements in these 14 years of operation includes the formation of a high-value chain between its business partners and strategic suppliers.

“At LeasePlan we have as part of our strategic pillars our business partners, who are focused on customers, employees and suppliers, with the aim of delivering a high quality service,” said Mario Castañeda, Procurement Director. And he added: “That is why we have developed a network of more than 3,500 strategic partners throughout the country, incorporating those who meet technical, administrative and economic criteria.”

Subsequently, they monitor their performance through periodic evaluations, audit programs and reward programs to guarantee compliance with their processes and service levels. “This way our clients can forget about all the issues related to fleet leasing and management, to focus on their core business and maximize their results,” Castañeda said.

What it is about is becoming a reliable partner for its clients, since LeasePlan has the financial backing of its corporation, which makes it extremely competitive and safe, with all the guarantees that this situation offers.

“LeasePlan celebrates its fourteenth anniversary with steady growth for more than five years, which shows how strong the company is and how healthy it does business, helping customers from large fleets to single unit customers achieve savings when contracting the leasing product, thanks to the deductibility that it generates for the company”, explained Mikel Gonzalez, CFO of the company.

The value of innovating

Innovation is another permanent value in LeasePlan’s operation: “We constantly seek to improve something that exists or create something new, always with the aim of meeting certain niches or needs,” said Fabio Vatanabi, Strategy & Transformation Director. For LeasePlan, innovation goes hand in hand with changes in the market, the different needs of customers and the constant advances in technology. “For some it would be just the survival instinct, for us it is to deliver the best at a more accessible price.”

As a result of all these efforts, LeasePlan represents the forefront of leasing growth in the country.

“In Mexico we have worked to build a culture of leasing, to help companies maximize the use of their resources,” said Regina Granados, CEO of LeasePlan. “With this philosophy we have become the number one strategic partner for our clients, taking care of everything related to their fleets, offering a dedicated service, based on our extensive experience, innovative tools, 360 solutions, the talent of our team and the quality of our partners.

According to the CEO, the goal is for her customers to focus on their business, while LeasePlan keeps her fleet moving. “In this way we become a strategic partner for your operation. We transformed the way of working, adapting ourselves to each situation that the market demanded, always offering an alternative to our clients”, Granados specified.

Part of LeasePlan’s evolution goes hand in hand with the growth of its team, where each one demonstrates the experience and knowledge that has allowed them to create a high-performance team that knows how to deliver innovative solutions to its clients, all based on a inclusive culture and respect for all.

“I feel very proud of the talent that we have in the whole team and where each one shows that they have their orange heart well placed. I thank each and one of the members of our team who manages to make the impossible possible”, Regina Granados pointed out.

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