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There are smiles that say it all, say the best of your company with Dentegra

Offering dental and vision coverage is a way to give teams peace of mind to focus their minds and passion on the company’s business goals, rather than worrying about the high costs of getting and staying healthy.

Employees value the benefits that allow them to maintain a balance between their work life and their personal life; Other highly appreciated benefits are those related to health coverage, even more so in times of pandemic.

Public health services have been insufficient during the current situation of the health emergency and those who had to resort to private services without having any medical insurance suffered a great impact on their economy.

The advantages of wellness culture

Companies that are concerned with granting benefits and benefits superior to those established by law to their work teams are entering a virtuous circle of win-win. In addition, human talent feels recognized and appreciated, which affects their performance and loyalty.

A study conducted during May and June 2020, in which 1,540 companies interviewed by Mercer Marsh Benefits participated, showed that 37% of companies currently have a wellness program.

These programs generate employee satisfaction and commitment, in addition to increasing their competitiveness, productivity and reducing absenteeism rates.

This is how Covid-19 has changed the employment perspective in almost all companies, since it has brought to the table how important it is to be close to friends and families, in addition to placing a great emphasis on health and benefits. Benefits that were losing strength, such as insurance, regained importance for employees.

What relevance does a benefit in the compensation package represent for an employee?

It is definitely a great help to attract talent to the organization if there are benefits superior to those of the law and that they even match the new generations.

Some employees prefer certain benefits or benefits over a salary increase, especially those that give them a better quality of life, which the salary increase does not necessarily provide.

Regardless of the legal framework that concerns companies on labor benefits, the greatest benefit generated by having benefits aligned to the needs of employees is their commitment to the organization, since they perceive it as a reciprocal commitment.

Dentegra’s proposal for health

Dentegra is the leading dental insurer in the market with more than 60 years of experience, backed by corporate located in the United States.

In Mexico, it has been operating for 14 years as an insurance institution specializing in health.

Currently, it insures more than 2.3 million people by providing a network of dental specialists nationwide. It has an affiliation of more than 4,000 dentists, 390 dental clinics and more than 1,000 opticians.

Dentegra offers benefits aimed at the dental and vision health of workers both in a preventive setting and care in the event of an accident or pre-existence.

All this with the objective that the benefits have a positive impact not only on the workers, but also on their immediate circle to generate a broader well-being environment.

Advantages of a benefit such as dental and vision insurance from Dentegra

  • It is a tax deductible benefit.
  • It offers tailored plans with extensive coverage.
  • Certainty in services supported by more than 180 dental procedures and second opinion at no cost.
  • Plans without deductibles and without copays (according to the contracted plan).
  • Digital services such as webinars, digital oral evaluations, mobile app and video consultations.
  • Immediate use of the insurance, without waiting periods.
  • The company hires him and Dentegra takes care of everything: attention to policyholders and quality of service.
  • Financial strength to support all policyholders