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These are the 10 best-selling hybrid and electric cars in Mexico

The first hybrid vehicle arrived in Mexico in 2006. It was the Honda Civic. But then the batteries that these types of models required were much more expensive and the only way to balance that extra cost was to reduce the equipment. This, however, did not convince consumers: why pay double for an austere hybrid model, when I can have the same gasoline one with sunroof and wheels?

Due to poor sales, for the next four years the offer of hybrid models remained limited. But everything changed when Toyota decided to bring its Prius model to Mexico.

The futuristic design vehicle, which reached the Mexican market with a price of 428,300 pesos, had an unexpected boost in 2016, when there were temporary modifications to the “Hoy no Circula” program in the metropolitan area. For two months, all cars—regardless of whether they have a 0 or 00 hologram—were off the road one day a week and one Saturday a month. Only hybrids and electric cars were exempt from these measures.

More than one manufacturer decided that this was a good time to bring to the Mexican market one of the hybrid models that it already had available globally. Ford, for example, launched the hybrid version of its Fusion sedan that year, while Kia brought its Niro SUV to Mexico in February 2017.

“Fuel efficiency is an increasingly relevant factor for the Mexican market, firstly due to the restrictions on driving – which are becoming more so for gasoline models – and secondly due to the liberalization of gasoline prices,” he said at the time. Horacio Chávez, CEO of Kia in Mexico.

This wave of new hybrid models was followed by an electric one. The first of these, the Nissan Leaf, arrived in mid-2014. It was followed by a model from BMW and another from Chevrolet. Although the sale of this type of vehicle still represents a small percentage (0.05%) of total sales, due to prices and the lack of recharging infrastructure, the range of models has tripled in the last year.

In 2021, around 25,000 hybrid, plug-in hybrid and electric models were sold in the Mexican market, according to Inegi data. The main attraction of these technologies is the savings they can generate in fuel costs, in addition to some incentives, such as exemption from taxes, verifications and the possibility of driving every day.

The best-selling hybrid vehicles in Mexico

Today, Toyota is the leader in the sale of hybrid vehicles in Mexico: with an offer of five models, the Japanese brand has 85% of the market, according to Inegi data. The best-selling of all in the country is the Sienna minivan, which after its last renovation left behind its 100% gasoline configuration and is now only sold with a hybrid engine.

Although it is not the most affordable hybrid model – its price starts at 760,500 pesos – it is the only minivan with this type of motorization available on the market and it is even cheaper than other gasoline options.

In addition to this Toyota model, these are the best-selling traditional – or non-connectable – hybrid models in Mexico.

best selling electrics

The 3.4 million pesos Porsche Taycan is the best-selling battery model in Mexico. A good technical performance of its power train, the charging speed, which allows recovering 80% of the battery in about 25 minutes at a level 3 station (the fastest), and the immediate torque that it delivers as soon as the accelerator is stepped on they have become a desired model within the lucrative niche in which it operates.

“From the moment the concept of an electric model was presented in 2015, the Mission E, there were enthusiasts who raised their hands,” Roberto Solares, training manager for Porsche de México, said during the launch in December 2020. . “The Taycans that are coming off the production line are already sold,” he added.

In addition to the Porsche model, in the top 10 there are four vehicles from the Chinese brand Jac, one from Renault and another four from premium brands.

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