Tech UPTechnologyThey create a meta-material that makes objects invisible

They create a meta-material that makes objects invisible

invisible-material Scientists from St Andrews University (Scotland) have developed a new flexible and intelligent material called Metaflex that allows us to manipulate the behavior of light , and that could bring us one step closer to the long-awaited dream of creating an invisibility suit.

Metaflex is a meta-material, that is, an artificially created material that exhibits unusual electromagnetic properties, which depend on the designed structure and not on its composition. Specifically, the new meta-material is composed of meta-atoms capable of detaching themselves from a rigid surface. The authors predict that the grouping of these meta-atoms, small enough to interact with visible light, creates a flexible and independent material, as revealed in the New Journal of Physics in its latest issue.

Metaflex applications are not limited to making smart garments that hide us from others . They could also be used to develop disposable super contact lenses that would provide near-perfect vision .

A ray of light contains more information than you think

A simple ray of light, a jet of photons, is capable of giving us information about the temperature, composition, speed and distance of the star that emitted it.

The legacy of Albert Einstein: the Theory of Relativity

On this day Albert Einstein was born in Germany, author of the theory of relativity, who determined that the laws of physics are the same for all non-accelerating observers.

An asteroid that was going to hit Earth in 2023 turns out to be...

For a few days in January, asteroid 2022 AE1 became the most dangerous asteroid observed in more than a decade.

This is theory that says what was there before the Big Bang

One of the problems with physics is that its two great theories, general relativity and quantum theory, get along like a cat and a dog. Although we have been searching for a quantum theory of gravity for more than half a century, the truth is that the results are quite disappointing.

Is there only one time?

Time is a concept that we use daily throughout our lives. However, what is it? Time, we say, is what the clock ticks. But that is not saying much. If we reflect a little more we will see that no matter how hard we try to find an answer, none will completely satisfy us. Time is an elusive concept and it is surprising that something so familiar is so difficult to define.