NewsThey investigate if the coronavirus could affect the testicles

They investigate if the coronavirus could affect the testicles

The University of Texas Medical Center on the Galveston campus is investigating whether the coronavirus could affect the testicles . Because, at the moment, it is being seen if it can infect the testicles of infected hamsters to know if it is really affecting humans, in this sense.

The study has been carried out, in the same way as many others of the Covid-19, because certain patients complained of testicular pain once they had contracted the disease.

For this reason, research on this topic should be continued to find out how this disease can affect the testicles and then have potential consequences for the severity of the disease that can affect reproductive health and sexual transmission.

It is not the first time that this has been investigated, since months ago a new study by researchers from the Miller School of Medicine of the University of Miami (United States) concluded that they would have seen indications about the potential impact of Covid-19 on fertility male and whether the virus can be transmitted sexually .

It is another line of research where the testicular tissue of the autopsies of six men who died of the infection by this coronavirus were analyzed. And they saw alterations in sperm function in three of the testicular samples and evidence of the virus using electron microscopy in tissue from one of them.

The researchers commented that the virus has an affinity for angiotensin converting enzyme-2 (ACE-2) receptors, which are found in many of the body’s organs.

This is no accident. The authors of this report, from more time ago, responded that there are other viruses that affect spermatogenesis and fertility, including mumps, so according to them, it could be that Covid-19 works in a similar way, causing a process inflammatory.

Evaluating the autopsy findings, they then saw that the covid-19 testes had signs of inflammation with white blood cells invading the testes .

What is clear is that many more studies are needed to analyze all this. And that those men who have Covid-19 and experience testicular pain should go to the doctor to be explored.

Thus, such studies need to be completed to know if the function of spermatocytes can really be compromised by this infection and if the coronavirus could affect the testicles.


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