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This is how the hero of Liverpool, the taxi driver who locked up the terrorist, saved his life

Liverpool and throughout the United Kingdom taxi driver David Perry is a hero, he is the man who saved the lives of dozens of people by preventing the suicide bomber inside him from fulfilling his objective by locking him in the vehicle before reaching his destiny.

The hero taxi driver also holds the key to the investigations by being a direct witness of the terrorist’s behavior. British authorities, including Boris Johnson himself, have publicly described David Perry as a hero. His wife, Rachel Perry, has assured in statements to the Daily Telegraph that her husband “is fine”, but still “processing” what he has experienced.

“There are many rumors circulating around that he is a hero and locked the passenger in the car, but the truth is that he is lucky to be alive,” he added.

The mayor of Liverpool, Joanne Anderson , has assured that Perry behaved in a “heroic” manner . Specifically, he applauded that he was able to get out of the taxi and “close the doors” , which prevented “an absolutely horrible disaster” on Sunday.

The UK Police formally classified the explosion in a vehicle in front of the Liverpool Women’s Hospital on Monday as a terrorist incident , the circumstances of which are not yet clear but for which four people have already been arrested.

The explosion occurred around 11.00 (local time), inside a taxi. The passenger of the vehicle, pending identification, was killed in this incident, while the driver, identified by the British media as David Perry, was injured.

The anti-terrorist unit of the Police took over the investigations from the beginning, but it was not until this Monday that one of its leaders, Russ Jackson, recognized that the main hypothesis is that it is a terrorist incident.

Perry picked up the passenger

Investigators say Perry picked up the passenger in the Rutland area and took him to the hospital, where an explosion occurred. “The reason why he was taken to the Women’s Hospital is unknown, as well as the reason for the sudden explosion,” said Jackson.

However, it does appear that it was due to a homemade device carried by the passenger. On Sunday, the authorities already detained three men aged 21, 26 and 29 for their alleged connection to these events and this Monday a fourth arrest was confirmed, that of a 20-year-old in Kensington.

The Police are also examining the motives behind this case, which occurred on Remembrance Sunday, which pays tribute to the British fallen in conflict. The explosion took place near the place of the tributes and Jackson has indicated that “it is a line of investigation”.

After the confirmation of the terrorist background, the Prime Minister of the United Kingdom, Boris Johnson, has called a meeting of the main security commands and, in it, it has been agreed to raise the alert level, to the second highest.

The authorities believe that other similar events are “very likely”. Not surprisingly, Liverpool is the second such event in less than a month, after the assassination of Conservative MP David Amess.

Johnson has avoided commenting on “details of the case” or its “motivation” in the media as the investigations progress, but has emphasized that it is a “reminder” of the need to be “vigilant.” “What was made clear yesterday, above all else, is that the British people will not be intimidated by terrorism,” he added.


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