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To work more! Macron seeks to lengthen the retirement age in France

French President Emmanuel Macron vowed on Wednesday to implement a pension reform that would raise the retirement age from 62 to 65 , a move that will force younger people to work longer.

Macron’s idea, which will begin to be implemented from 2023, is that the legal retirement age will be delayed four months from next year, to reach 65 in 2031.

“What I want to say is that from where we are now, in the 62 years, we will pass in the horizon of 2025 to 63 years, to the horizon of 2028 to 64 years and to the horizon of 2031 to 65 years”, explained the French president in a interview with France 2 network.

Macron assured that he is still open to discussing the retirement age with the unions and making potential amendments to the project. The consultations will last until the end of the year, although the margin for negotiation is minimal.

The French president was willing to accept a retirement age of 64 years, as long as certain conditions are met.

“If some are ready to compromise and say: we are ready to go to 64 years, but in return, if you make this gesture, we are ready to work a few more quarters, I am open,” he said.

These measures apply only to those who have worked long enough to qualify. Those who do not meet the conditions, such as women who interrupted their careers to raise their children, will have to work even until they are 67 years old.

All French workers receive a state pension. Macron assured that if his government does not implement this type of measure, it would be forced to reduce the amount of pensions.

The French president’s plan had already been advanced during the electoral campaign in April this year.

Despite the fact that Macron managed to win his re-election, in the legislative elections in June, his political party lost control of congress, which is why his government has had difficulty passing his reforms.

For example, in order to approve his initial draft budget for 2024 without a vote from the National Assembly, the president activated the 49.3 method.

Now, Macron even threatens to dissolve the Assembly, where he has a simple majority, if it does not approve.

A pension reform proposal sparked strikes and protests across the country in late 2019 during Macron’s first term. The government had then decided to suspend the debate amid the COVID-19 pandemic.

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