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Today on ZDF: "North North Murder: Sievers and the murderous turquoise" – death in the Sylt art scene

In the 16th film of the ZDF crime series “Nord Nord Mord” Inspector Sievers gets to know the value of a Bellini.

Frankfurt – where did we stop? is the question that is asked again and again in those crime series whose individual episodes are broadcast at long intervals. The crimes are usually reliably solved after ninety minutes. But there are now more and more overarching story arcs that need to be remembered.

And be it just the unexplained, eternally pending relationship between Chief Inspector Feldmann (Oliver Wnuk) and his colleague Ina Behrendsen (Julia Brendler). Recently, in the Christmas episode of the ZDF crime series “Nord Nord Mord” in December, he had turned to another person, who then turned out to be a dishonest person.

“North North Murder” on ZDF: Commissioner Behrendsen is afraid

Now, almost a month has passed, at least in real life, and Behrendsen is racked by her emotions when police officer Schneider (Stephan A. Tölle) calls her to work early in the morning with the words “Male corpse, and what happened to Feldmann”. .

She was relieved when she found out that Feldmann was alive, he only broke his leg due to his typical clumsiness. In the sandy dunes, which requires a certain degree of clumsiness.

Feldmann got to the scene of the crime because he landed with the first ferry from the mainland and a convertible was standing across the lonely coastal road and abandoned on the road. Feldmann dutifully looked after the right thing, constantly fighting with a shark-shaped balloon, found the corpse, but then developed a paralyzing drowsiness and the said fracture.

role Actress
Carl Sievers Peter Heinrich Brix
Ina Behrendsen Julia Brendler
Hinnerk Feldmann Oliver Wnuk
Ottfried Lechner Felix Everding
dr Anemone Andersson Patrycia Ziolkowska
Ferdinand Frayn Gustav Peter Wohler
Artist Bitomsky Andrew Lust
Veronica Bitomsky Helena Grass
Tony Quint David Bredin

“Nord Nord Mord” (ZDF): Inspector Feldmann is up to mischief

Now he’s explaining the latest treatment methods to doctors and nurses in the hospital, which really annoys the medical staff.

Ina Behrendsen and the monosyllabic Stoic Carl Sievers (Peter Heinrich Brix) now know that the deceased worked as an art expert and curator, prepared an exhibition of German contemporary art in the New York Museum of Modern Art and was on Sylt because the works were important of a painter working there. That’s why pretty much every cliché that can be associated with the art scene is used in the following: a windy gallery owner with a snotty receptionist, a crazy artist who must have learned how to behave from the late Klaus Kinski, a bitchy gay couple who knows nothing about art, but likes to boast about his collection.

You have to look at this film with a wide heart to be able to get anything good out of it. Even the title is nonsensical, because colors can kill, but not murder. And should one seriously believe that Inspector Feldmann drives a car and is constantly being hindered by a balloon attached to his wrist? On a dead straight road, does he only see the convertible standing in the way when it is almost too late for an emergency stop? The colleagues from the patrol phone report a wrongly parked car at exactly the moment when Sievers asks about the whereabouts of the vehicle Feldmann spotted? He doesn’t even know that it’s a convertible, but he can immediately assign it to the victim at first glance.

“Nord Nord Mord” on ZDF: Commissioner Sievers raises the level

The drawing board on which this story was designed remains constantly recognizable. So this TV thriller corresponds in a certain way to the current book market: the grammar doesn’t matter as long as a crime thriller is set in Friesland or on any island.

“Nord Nord Mord: Sievers and the Murderous Turquoise”

Monday, January 17th, 2022, 8.15 p.m. on ZDF and in the ZDF media library

Berno Kürten’s production is reminiscent of the Sunday melodramas on ZDF. Again and again cars pull up to establish a setting, the music swells and swells to reach the audience through affect rather than reason, actors and actresses always wear a little – some even a lot – thicker than their part requires . Except for Peter Heinrich Brix. It remains the calm pole. He doesn’t talk much, but when he says something, it fits. At least most. (Harold Keller)

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