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"Tom & Jerry" are chasing each other again – also through real life

Tom the tomcat has been trying to beat Jerry the mouse for decades – and always comes up short. It’s no different in the new movie with the two of them. With a small difference.

Berlin – Tom and Jerry are actually pretty good friends. Actually. Because basically the cat and mouse can of course only be bitter rivals – especially when it comes to cartoon characters. And so the two have been chasing each other through fast-paced short film adventures for decades.

But when, after several corona-related postponements, the feature film “Tom & Jerry” now starts in German cinemas, fans will be able to see the cat-and-mouse game in a completely different setting.


In their new, computer-animated screen adventure, the cartoon characters move in the real world among real people. That may put off cartoon purists, but it is only consistent. At least since the terrific cartoon-real film crossovers “Wrong Game with Roger Rabbit” and “Space Jam” in the 1980s and 1990s, the genre has established itself in the cinema – right up to the successful Smurfs films of recent years.

It’s also by no means the first time Tom and Jerry chase across the screen. Back in 1992, Warner Bros. had the two drifting jokes in “Tom and Jerry – The Movie” for 81 minutes at a time – at that time still completely in the cartoon world. And actually the cinema is actually the home of the two cartoon animals: This is how their adventures in the USA were made between 1940 and 1967 as short films for the cinema, where they won plenty of Oscars.

In Germany, on the other hand, cats and mice became famous as television heroes from 1976 onwards. A handful of episodes each held together by the framework story “Jerry’s Diary” and accompanied by the Udo Jürgens hit “Thank you for the flowers” – almost every TV viewer in Germany should have laughed at the two rough arguments.

In the meantime one could and can see the 161 original episodes as well as some specials and films practically all on changing TV channels – or of course on the Internet.

Tom and Jerry in New York

In the new film, Tom and Jerry ended up in New York, where they both try their luck separately from each other. Jerry is staying in a noble hotel, where a huge wedding is planned just these days – with a lot of pomp and Bollywood glitter. A mouse is of course out of place.

So the hotel employee Kayla (Chloë Grace Moretz) hires Tom to get rid of Jerry. And if a wild Tom chases after a cunning Jerry, it can only end in a chaos. Especially since hotel manager Terence (Michael Peña) also cooks his own soup …

Incidentally, mouse and cat are not alone in real New York human society: the two pets of the bride and groom, Spike and Toots, are animated by director Tim Story (“Fantastic Four”) just as colorfully as birds shimmering around and decorated wedding elephants.

So there are plenty of chases through beautifully arranged hotel halls and the lively New York city life, dishes are smashed, furniture is broken and Jerry is once again on the verge of disappearing into Tom’s mouth forever.

Hunting scenes and mutual friendship activities alternate – just like in the original short films penned by the Feuerstein family makers William Hanna and Joseph Barbera. Every Tom and Jerry fan has to decide for himself whether that and the story of the botched and in the end somehow saved wedding lasts over a film length of 101 minutes.

Children should definitely have fun with the fast-paced cartoon comedy – and the recipe has definitely worked out at the box office since the US launch in February.

Tom & Jerry, USA 2021, 101 min., FSK from 0 years, by Tim Story, with Chloë Grace Moretz, Michael Pena, Pallavi Sharda, Colin Jost dpa

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