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"Tough chunk: The gun deal" (The first): The boys are back in town

The village sheriff and the sons of anarchy: The sixth film in the series “Harter Brocken” in the first is dark.

It is not a stag that roars. The village sheriff snores here. Morning is breaking in the Harz forests. Forester Heiko (Sebastian Weiss) is the first to wake up, surrounded by a battery of empty bottles. Together with the village policeman Frank Koops (Aljoscha Stadelmann) he had celebrated the walkout from the marriage – a counterpart to the bachelor party, if you will – both of them spent the night on a high seat. Heiko almost missed the appointment at the registry office. He hurries off and on the way comes across a handful of rockers from the group of blood eagles who are about to execute the alleged informer Bert Groll (Aurel Manthei). The intrepid Heiko has his rifle with him and intervenes. The divorce will never be consummated.

“Tough chunk: The arms deal” (ARD): Suspicious homecoming

Andy Blome (Nicki von Tempelhoff) is the president of the rockers and grew up like the local Koops office manager in St. Andreasberg. Back then they did the hair of mopeds. Blome is still pimping two-wheelers, but they have a few more kW. And he now earns his pocket money doing dark business.

After seeing each other for the first time in “Harter Brocken: Der Waffendeal” (Das Erste), Frank Koops realized that the cowl bearer did not return for nostalgic reasons, especially since Heiko remained missing and Blome was found in the forest that the forest warden crossed on the way home must have.

From then on, the former buddies stalk each other. Heiner Kelzenberg (Moritz Führmann), postman and if necessary a kind of deputy sheriff, also comes into play, although his thoughts can hardly be dissuaded from his girlfriend Mette Vogt (Anna Fischer). Mette’s pregnancy causes Heiner to overprotect, which puts Mette’s nerves under considerable strain. More burdens than relief for the young policewoman from neighboring Braunlage.

The first shows “Tough Broken: The Arms Deal”: a sudden onset of violence

The events in “Harter Brocken: Der Waffendeal” (The First) are so rushed that Koops doesn’t even get to carving soapstone, a hobby he indulges in in more relaxed times. Otherwise, the fans of the series encounter some familiar things. As always, the stoic Koops is hit on the head, and he is criminally underestimated. He’s not exactly a beau, and if he wants to elegantly flank over a fence, it promptly collapses under him. Spectators without prior knowledge have to think that the wearer of uniform, who always seems a bit sluggish, is overwhelmed by the violent crime that suddenly breaks into the Harz idyll. Shall they …

“The Gun Deal” is the sixth film in the series “Harter Brocken” (Das Erste), which was conceived by Holger Karsten Schmidt. Schmidt wrote all the books in the ARD series so far, now Anke Winschewski and Niels Holle have taken on this task for the first time. Niels Holle is already familiar with Schmidt’s handwriting, both of them alternately write the series “Nord bei Nordwest”. It is remarkable and gratifying that the two authors do not add a happy ending to every storyline. A sinister note that the “Harter Brocken” series does well.

“Tough chunk: The arms deal” (ARD): Brothers in leather clothing

As usual, there is a lively game with identities and masquerades. Bert Groll, doomed to begin with, turns out to be innocent. But then who is the mole among the blood eagles? A touch of “Sons of Anarchy” blows through St. Andreasberg. The rockers are not portrayed as a plague coming from abroad, as in simple westerns. Rather, within the chapter there are exciting group dynamic processes, brotherhood, friendship and mistrust, loyalty conflicts, and even scruples to some extent. Nicki von Tempelhoff delivers an excellent “Clay” – played by Ron Perlman in the original – Kim Riedle does well as a “Gemma” (Katey Sagal) who does not suffer from remorse.

Partly thick fog lies over the Harz treetops. The sun has moved. Appropriately, director Markus Sehr reduced the color force in “Harter Brocken: Der Waffendeal” (ARD) in the direction of pale and gloomy. The permanent staff has an oddity that sometimes just barely stops at silliness. Heiner, the postman, is sometimes close to the caricature. He has a certain lack of terminology, which also brings him to his goal and makes Mette lovable.

To the broadcast

“Tough chunk: The gun deal”, Saturday, May 15, 2021, 8:15 pm, Das Erste – and already in the ARD media library.

Violent frowns are triggered when the rockers think Frank Koops is dead and who is clearly visible in front of their headquarters behind a large windshield and a little later raises his head over a hedge. The blood eagles are assumed to have a dullness that does not fit in with the history. A more elegant solution could certainly have been found.

To say goodbye, Lizzy’s “The Boys Are Back in Town” can be heard in “Harter Brocken: Der Waffendeal” (Das Erste). And Frank Koops really gets moving again. (Harald Keller) Senta Berger turns 80: From beauty to beauty

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