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Ukraine war on “Hard but fair” (ARD): “Putin wants to kill us”

“Hart aber fair” (ARD) with Frank Plasberg is again about the war in Ukraine and the wider consequences of the conflict.

Cologne – “Would someone please press the pause button?” Frank Plasberg asked at the beginning of the program on ARD. And with that he speaks from the soul of many people: Because after two years of Corona, the flood disaster, heat waves and with the climate catastrophe behind us, we are all in an emotional state of emergency and have the feeling that we can no longer stand it all. Unfortunately, as Plasberg notes, the pause button only works in the movie. “In reality, Putin’s troops are crushing Ukrainian cities.”

But what is the appropriate response to Putin’s madness? What restrictions are we willing to accept in order to punish Putin with our economic sanctions? And when will the overwhelming willingness to help give way to concern for one’s own future?

“Hard but fair” (ARD): Words like “third world war” are piling up

These are the questions that Plasberg asked on the show with his guests, the SPD leader Saskia Esken, the journalist Vassili Golod, Sergiy Osachuk, the Ukrainian governor of the Chernivtsi Oblast, Katja Kipping, the Senator for Integration, Labor and Social Affairs in Berlin and discussed with the political scientist Markus Kaim.

What is most frightening about this discussion is the frequency with which words like “World War III”, “nuclear threat” and “use of chemical and biological weapons” are used. Scenarios that we have long since saved as bygone, evoking memories and fears of the Cold War for all those over forty.

“Hard but fair” (ARD): The federal government’s red line has long been exceeded

Not wrong. Because the red line of German foreign policy has long since been crossed with the delivery of arms to a war zone, as SPD party leader Saskia Esken correctly states in the program. Yes, even military intervention by NATO, the SPD chairwoman no longer rules out, “because we have now arrived in a situation,” said Esken, “in which we should never say anything.”

“Hard but fair” (ARD) The guests of the show from March 14th, 2022
Saskia Esken Party leader SPD
Katja Kipping THE LEFT
Vasily Golod WDR journalist
Markus Kaim political scientist
Prof. Dr. Dirk Reinhardt Director of the Children’s Clinic at the University Hospital in Essen

For the WDR journalist Vassili Golod, who has both Russian and Ukrainian roots, the Russian use of chemical and biological weapons would reach the point at which even this step would be conceivable. An attitude he shares with the political scientist Markus Kaim. Both reject the establishment of a no-fly zone, “Because”, according to Golod, “the danger of a third world war” would increase as a result. Vladimir Putin has shown “that he is ready for a lot” and has already spoken about nuclear weapons.

“Hard but fair” (ARD): Ukraine calls for more weapons and sanctions against Russia

Meanwhile, Sergiy Osachuk, the Ukrainian governor of Chernivtsi Oblast, gets straight to the point: “Putin wants to kill us”. And “if a murderer comes and says I want to kill you, then there are two options: give up, surrender or fight.” The Ukrainian house is on fire. “It is genocide before the eyes of Europe. Enough of the beautiful diplomacy”. NATO must now send the fire brigade and no longer the cleaning staff. What does that mean for Sergiy Osachuk? More arms deliveries and even tougher economic sanctions. Again and again he uses the Second World War as an example for the current situation and demands that when the war is over, all politicians sit down at the table to find a new security order.

To the broadcast

“Hard but fair” with Frank Plasberg from March 14, 2022 on ARD. Topic of the program: On the run from Putin: How can we help?

The show in the ARD media library.

But according to the political scientist Markus Kaim, the crack in the Kremlin and the hope that the war will end soon is just wishful thinking. And so you leave the show with the uneasy feeling that anything is possible now. Even the unimaginable. (Bettina Schuler)

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